Saturday, August 9, 2008

Selling naming rights for subway stops


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is exploring expanded corporate sponsorships, leading to speculation it may rename subway stations after commercial backers.

"We haven't come to any conclusions yet. I think you can say we are trying to explore every possible option," said MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin.

Last month, the MTA announced measures to close a $700 million hole in its budget, including two fare hikes in an 18-month period and more ad opportunities.

Among those are a deal with CNN to broadcast news in six stations and ads on the exterior of subway cars and inside tunnels.

Rider advocates have long been skeptical about pairing corporate insignias to a station.

"You couldn't rename a station. People still need to know where they're going," said Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign. "You want to go to 42nd Street, not Disneyland."


georgetheatheist said...

If naming a W line station after McDonald's will improve service to Astoria, I'm for it.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. People will still refer to stations by their real name. If this will improve the overall appearance of stations, why not?

Anonymous said...

This came up in Crappy last month and someone suggested this would happen.

Next stop: Ratner 59th Street

Anonymous said...

How about "Lazy Liu's F-Liu-xhing"?

Anonymous said...

It was bad enough when insecure dumb asses wanting to prove they're somebody and impress other dumb f---s by shelling out big money to wear some manufacturer's billboard size logo on their T-shirts made in China!

Hello, make way for "Ralph Lauren, Phat Farm, Nike, etc."

Can you see me coming down the street?

Russel Simmons should be paying you the money to advertise his "Phat Farm" brand on your clothes not the other way around.

Alas the dumbing down (further) of America!

And now we're considering selling our public subway stops to private corporate egotists with mega bucks to burn their brands into!


ew-3 said...

I'd be against it just because it's another source of revenue which allows them to bandaid the situation rather then fixing it.

neversleep said...

We could balance the budget with a bidding war for Bliss Street on the 7 line...

Anonymous said...

Just do it! (And you can put that on a train a station or wherever you want if its free money for transit.)

Anonymous said...

If the corporation who paid to re-name Bliss Street will pay for its upkeep, then I'd be willing to sell it to the devil.

Next stop "Lucifer's Lane"!