Saturday, August 9, 2008

Choice Or Change?

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

Why vote? Well I haven’t missed a primary or regular election since being eligible to vote. I am now a senior citizen.

Sen. John McCain is George Bush’s third term. Sen. Barack Obama is rhetoric and charisma for the youth with no real health or Medicare solutions for us older folks. Toby Stavisky is nice, she even sends birthday greetings.

John Liu is absent half the time and never really does much. Asked to station police at Main and Roosevelt, they are hardly ever there. When they do they stay around the corner to give tickets after cars have made illegal turns. Not much help to neighbors who have been hit by drivers that make you wonder if or how they have licenses.

Years ago a shoe repair and key shop under the LIRR was forced out because it caused congestion? Now both sides of Main Street have permanent shops plus vendors clogging the sidewalks. Try getting past with a walker or even normally!

Buses can barely make the turns since a bus terminal promised since at least 1970 was never built but much land has been turned over to private developers.

We are told we do not need term limits. How can you vote anyone backed by the Democratic machine out? Yes, I will go into voting booth and vote for some innocuous people just to keep my record of voting consistent. But as to choice, c’mon, there really isn’t any!

William Pagenkopf


Joe said...

Get ready for Jimmy Carter part II

All can take a long walk of a short pier.
They all F-- suck!

Both sides are bleeding heart liberal Democrats, who want to give amnesty to 50 million criminals, tear down walls and create a North American Union.

I was hoping for Ron Paul however the media buried him...deep
I'd rather have Paris Hilton at this point.


italian girl said...

Joe don't generalize.

I'm a Democrat and want to see EVERY illegal deported. And I wish both the northern and southern borders had wicked fences with barbed wire, German shephards and military with machine guns! We're not all that bad. And Paris Hilton? She doesn't even know what planet she lives on.

Anonymous said...


When given the option
of choosing between two painful alternatives...
you pick the one that hurts the least.

The same applies to the voting booth! What else is there to do...
not vote?

It's either that or "REVOLUTION, THE SEQUEL, phase II"!

Ah f--k it all....just pour me another two fingers of Cuervo!

Here's to fat Toby the troll and her bastard son Evan!

Got a nice easy patronage job for a lazy ass like me somewhere in your clubhouse Joe Crowley?

Anonymous said...

That was one the least articulate letters-to-the-editor I have ever read. Just what point was he trying to make. And, "Italian Girl", I think you miss the point. I understand that there are Dems as wells as Reps, who want to end illegal immigration, but we're not elected to office, are we?

Salvatore said...
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Salvatore said...

“I’d rather vote for something
I want and not get it, than vote
for something I don’t want,
and get it.”
–Eugene Debs

Say no to the corporate machines of the dems and repubs!

Sal from Ridgewood

Anonymous said...

When Paris Hilton's mom makes more sense than the man running for President, we're in bad shape. She said of McCain's attempt to use her daughter's image to malign Obama,
"It is a complete waste of the money John McCain's contributors have donated to his campaign. It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs. And it is a completely frivolous way to choose the next President of the United States."
And this is from a woman who has contribed to his campaign!
Politics has been reduced to personalities.

Anonymous said...

Which was exactly the point that the McCain ad was making. D'OH!

neversleep said...

You've never read the letters to weeklies that don't get published.

This one isn't that bad...

faster340 said...

We should put someone in like the movie Brewster's Millions and "Vote for None of the Above"....

Joe said...

I’m a Republican and would rater have O’bama as a lame duck for 4 years. Obama would likley just focus on taking care of his black people not the 3rd world shits and keep the border fence going.

McCain is a heavy supporter of Israel, why should we pay to protect fire ants that want every inch of space they can grab ?

And 2: WORSE
McCain is close friends with all those BIG $$$ contributors such as slaughtering & meat packing industry along the southern border. He did nothing wile Minutemen and border agents were jailed 7 years for shooting Mexican drug smuggler’s. McCain was behind every dam attempt of Bush ramming several immigration reform bills through.
Last I don’t want a president that's for a United Nations. Id love to see all those scofflaws and criminals kick out of NYC.
Both McCain and Obama will turn our troops into gearless UN babysitters like Carter and Clinton.
Both these asshats are for gun control and suspension of the Constution during an emergency. (Bush's US Presidential derivative
This was done as most American were watching the monkey shit eating contest on surviver !!

More bootjacking 80 year old ladys protecting there homes and letting criminals run down the street armed to the gills. Remember Katrina !!

This country is in big Doo Doo and may not continue to exist as The United States.

Anonymous said...

The derivative to suspend the Constution for any mocked or real emergency is known as "NSPD 51"
Very few people know about it, both candidates wont talk about it.

Steven said...

To Anonymous who posted about Paris' mother: It seems like she's more concerned now with the way her daughter is being misrepresented than when her daughter made a sex tape. How nice...

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Hilton didn't raise her daughter to act like an asshole, she wouldn't have to defend her from ridicule.

Anonymous said...

I was raised by a moderate Democrat and when I was younger (during the Bush Sr. years)I considered myself a liberal Republican. I liked invading Panama and the Gulf war was the right idea at the time (and succesful to I might add) but when Bush Sr. could not find his way around a supermarket when people I knew were struggling just to be able to afford to go shopping at a supermarket I knew I might be tied to the wrong people. then i turned into a self proclaimed Moderate Independent - as middle of the road as you can get.
I supported Republicans on foreign affairs. I thought Somalia was not worth our time and I felt that we should be all in for Yugoslavia plus I wanted a little more than air strikes to make Saddam remember us.
When it came to the Economy htough I was a Democrat supporter all the way. Clinton was right about "The Economy Stupid!!" and I was sick and tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Just in case most of you do not realize - if you live in Queens you are a lot closer to the economic fundamentals of the Democratic Party then the tax cut for the wealthy fundamentals of the Republicans. If you are reading this, chances are you are not wealthy.

Then was the election of 2000.
Gore was not the best candidate, no.But Bush jr.....I was scared that someone so.....dumb...was running for President of our country. The man did not know who the Prseident of Pakistan was and he said his cocaine addiction and multiple DWI's when he was younger is ok because now he has born again. Terrified!

And then to see a rigged election happen is what is supposed to be the bastion of freedom and democracy. I was sick.

I reasoned with myself. I said "How bad could it be?"
Then September 11th happened. 2 of my friends died.
That night I was at a bar with my girlfriend at the time in lower Manhattan not far from the barricades at Canal street and when thr President came on I was ready for the speech that would define a generation. i was ready for a stratedgy and a torch of hope. To make us feel that this was something that would be vindicated and freedom would emerge proud and strong.
We turned down all the music and made the TV very loud and all huddled around it. You could hear a pin drop.
It was probably one of the worst speeches I have ever heard, if not the worst.
All my scariest dreams started to become true.
Afghanistan was right on but Iraq?.....All the wealthy companies were running amok with the laws that were put in place to protect the poeple and if you went against those companies you were declared unpatriotic. Healthcare is nearly nonexistent to those making less then 60K. Torture, you name it.
All so we could have a President that a few rednecks wanted to have a beer with.
Then in 2004 they tried to scare you into voting for Bush...and it worked. All the scared people voted for Bush. Bunch of bitches.
Every day during the election they were talking about that color coded emergency bar. Terror Level Orange, Terror Level Orange!!! and then after the election, no more color coded bar. It just disappeared as soon as the election was over. Hmmmmm.

Now listening to your comments on this blog, I am pretty proud to be a Democrat.

You people ar all scared. Scared of being not rich, scared of black people, scared of immigrants, scared of change.
You cling to an ideal that does not exist in the people you support. They are taking advantage of you and I dont know how you cannot see that.
If George Washington and John Adams were alive they would be telling us to pick up arms to chase the Bush clan out of office.
Yet you are afraid. Bunch of liitle kids you all are, bunch of scared children.

Anonymous said...

"You people ar all scared. Scared of being not rich, scared of black people, scared of immigrants, scared of change.
You cling to an ideal that does not exist in the people you support. They are taking advantage of you and I dont know how you cannot see that.
If George Washington and John Adams were alive they would be telling us to pick up arms to chase the Bush clan out of office.
Yet you are afraid. Bunch of liitle kids you all are, bunch of scared children."

That was the best comment I've ever read!

Anonymous said...

And here we have exactly why Queens is a shithole. Instead of worrying about the person at the local level that is making your day-to-day life hell, you bitch about whoever is in the White House. The White House isn't responsible for overdevelopment. Your local councilperson is. The White House isn't responsible for the fact that we don't have competitive elections for borough president, council or most citywide offices.

And guess what? Queens overwhelmingly votes Democrat. So that should show you who is commenting here.


Miles Mullin said...

Mister, I wil tell you who the scared people are ...

Its those little ones that sell their community, their principles, even their mother for ice cream money.

Scared people are those that may disagree, but shrug thieir shoulders and vote along the party line.

Frieghtened people are those that parrot the party line some hack feeds them - go along with the song so they can clear their head for McDonalds and Britteny and all those other wonderful things that the Hannah Montannas think about in this world.

Its the strong people, mister, the ones with the moxie to fumble around and speak their minds no matter what their 'betters' may think.

This blog is American democracy at its best - a bit rude, a bit silly, but the stuff that built our nation.

Its only when people can listen, think, and speak unfetttered do we find the forge of democracy.

Steven said...

To the Anon who posted a lot:

A rigged election? HUH?!
The popular vote has never counted. Only the electoral vote counts, and it's ALWAYS been that way since the creation of the Electoral College.

I'm sorry about the people you lost to 9/11, but don't you see Obama's plan? He wants us to leave, and his plan is basically "If they attack us again, we go right back!". Isn't it better to just stay and make sure that it doesn't happen again on US soil? I know that there have been terrorist attacks since 9/11, but none as severe on US soil as the attacks of 9/11.

Who would you prefer? A young man with charisma and almost nothing else or a man who fought for the country he wants to be President of? For me, the latter is my choice.

You make it seem as though we're scared as nation of having a President who isn't white, but do some research. Calvin Coolidge wasn't 100% white.

Am I scared to have a black President? HELL NO. I love the fact that we, as a nation, are crossing mental boundaries and challenging previous lines of thought. What I dislike is that his supporters are running on the basis that if you don't support him, you're racist. That, in my opinion, is just outright wrong. In fact, my vote was originally going to go to Alan Keyes if he didn't drop out of the race, and if he runs under a third-party, I'm voting for him without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

The Maltese's, Como's, JPCA Members, Gallaghers.
They are exactly like the present presidential administration.
All politics are local.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with you "Salvatore"!

It is better to have loved (or voted) and lost than never to have loved at all!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Miles, well said....

Anonymous said...

Miles, you sound like a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

The federal government is a reflection of whats permitted in local politics kids.When a democrat is president you republinutcases blame everything on democrats.You sound as rational and intelligant as a kid on a playground.People here are scared because they blame there problems of not controlling Queens property etc on everyone else.So screaming rightwing folks what happens in the white house for 7 years matters and they responsible.