Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Buddhist temple on Bayside Avenue

Flushing will soon have a new Buddhist temple run by the Han Ma Um Zen Center of New York, located at 145-20 Bayside Ave., due to open next year.

The striking building encompasses features such as caved wooden eaves and exposed beams, creating an authentic Oriental temple in the midst of Dutch Colonial Flushing.

While the as-of-right construction initially attracted some community criticism, once it was established that it met all codes, opposition to the building has been minimal.

New Buddhist Temple Rises Amid Dutch Colonial Past

Community Board 7’s District Manager Marilyn Bitterman, was aware of the building and while the community has general concerns about the number of community facilities being built, didn’t know of any opposition to the temple which includes provision for 34 parking spaces.


Anonymous said...

"Dutch colonial Flushing."

It was settled by English you dim bulb.

What do you expect when the local press pays $18k a year? John Steinbeck?

Anonymous said...


Flushing was first settled by the Dutch as the town of "Vlisingen" (in New Amsterdam).

It was afterwards that the English took possession...
you 4 watt night light!

Go and re-read your history book!

Anonymous said...

Great building that belongs on a hillside in a more appropriate setting to showcase its uniqueness.

The whole area around 35th Ave.
Union and parsons is becoming "Religion Row"!

The rest is medical facilities
with a few illegal hotels thrown in
for good measure!

This used to be a fine residential neighborhood.