Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gary will have an opponent

A graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, [Liz Berney] has been an attorney for approximately 30 years, specializing in tax law, securities fraud and safety issues. She has represented wronged investors in the Enron, Parmalat and Xerox cases and other securities cases in various industries, including subprime mortgages.

Republican Candidate To Run Against Ackerman

She has represented consumers against corporations and even negotiated book and film rights agreements for noted authors. A writer herself, Berney is the co-author of an essay titled, Restoring Investor Trust in Auditing Standards and Accounting Principles, which was published in the Harvard Journal of Legislation.

An avid violinist during her youth, Berney played in a world youth orchestra conducted by Leonard Bernstein as a teenager and in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago while in law school.

She plans on becoming very involved in the community and looks forward to devoting her investigative skills to finding out what’s really going on in the 5th Congressional District. She also plans on forging close ties with the community.


Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Dear Liz Berney,

Here is a tip for you. Take copies of Ackerman's rag to you next press conference, hold it up and demand to know why he distributes prostitution ads for profit.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

she looks like she can suck a golf ball threw a garden hose

Taxpayer said...

NY's Fifth Congressional District will soon have Smart Liz, while Queens' 30 Council District will have Dizzie Lizzie.

Congrats, 5th; condolences, 30th.

Anonymous said...

You cannot just show up and run against Ackerman.

You need years of exposure within the community with a proven record of community service and involvement.

Going after faudelent tooth paste is a start, I guess .....

A few challenges to you petition, snide remarks by the local media, photo opts with Santa Clause dealing forkfulls of taxpayer dollars to cluess seniors and tweeded immigrants, and the portly Tweed will be back for another six years.

THEN you can start your real run, Lizzy.

Anonymous said...

good luck,too bad she has no chance.

Anonymous said...

Members of Congress serve for two year terms, not six. U.S. Senators serve for six year terms.

Anonymous said...

oops, you are right.

2 years.

but everything else still stands.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman will crush her. This is his first competitive election in decades. She has her work cut out for her.

Sadly, many local voters are biased against GOP candidates, no matter how qualified or promising they may be.

Anonymous said...

Look into the
Gary Ackerman/Tommy Huang
(and Donald Manes)
connection Liz!

That's the kind of stuff that'll kick his ass out for good!

C-mon. You're a more than capable lawyer who can finally get the goods on this crooked bloated pig!

Opus deius said...

Liz has the "Carrie" psycho-rage look going for her.

Gorey Aclumusch said...

With advancing GOP demographics of recent decades, and the shady international dealings of Gary's other opponents, we should let rickety Gary go now, laughing, before we all end up crying.