Friday, August 8, 2008

Meng courting the Commie vote?

"Grace Meng is running for office in Flushing again, this time using PRC CHINA colors!

I have also included a photo of her 2006 campaign poster in which she lost to Ellen Young (note: these were Red, White and Blue).
As an Asian American who really values human rights, civil liberties, and press freedom, I don't think this is the kind of action a politician should take when running for AMERICAN office, especially considering the record of the PRC.
I find this appalling. What becomes of America this way?"

Sean Su


Wade Nichols said...

Could be mere coincidence. If Meng gave you a red envelope with $500 at your wedding, would you call her a Communist? Plus, since when do commies vote, other than "sham elections"?

On the other hand, I'm sure Meng is a smart lady and is "well REaD"!

get a life already said...


my name is Queens Crapper and i am jealous of the hard working Asain people and paint them all with a large brush. if i was not such a freaking low life white trash loser i may be able to make strides in my life instead of blogging about how bad others are because i am pathetic loser who has some even more pathetic followers. please put me out of my misery

signed crappy

Queens Crapper said...

This was actually sent in by an Asian fellow from Flushing who asked me to post it.

Anonymous said...

Crapper, you are ridiculous. So if I send something stupid to you to post, you'll just post it? She is using the color red for her poster, so therefore she supports the communist Chinese government? And you chose to post this? Weak.

Anonymous said...

Since when does a color scheme on some posters determine someone's political agenda? Let's wait and hear what Grace Meng and the other candidates speak their pieces before we make unsupported or even sterotyped remarks! Remember, we're in the U.S.

Queens Crapper said...

"So if I send something stupid to you to post, you'll just post it?"

Stupid is in the mind of the reader. If you don't agree with it, you are free to post your opinion. Unlike in Communist China where Internet is restricted.

Anonymous said...

Is Grace doing any voter registeration this time. Last time she ran a campaign they registered 30 people as living in her father's bookstore.

Her right hand working in that campaign was charged and as far as we know nothing ever happen to him.

Wonder if her father leaving the Assembly after only one term has something to do with the registration problem?

Anonymous said...

That's just it, they prefer the ways of communist China, Crappy, until it comes to their own freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Crapper, is it your position that it is intelligent to assume that a person supports the communist Chinese government, and supports its terrible human rights practices, because that person uses the color red as background on her posters? You believe that this is an intelligent assumption? You don't consider it stupid in the least?

Anonymous said...

Did this Asian fellow from Flushing also come up with your headline?

Ridgewoodian said...

So are the "Red States" all communist? Or Rednecks, for that matter?

Since when does RED symbolize ONLY communism? Isn't it a symbol of happiness or some such positive emotion in Chinese culture? God help me, I have to agree with the Wadester on this - what about Red Envelopes?

This is just silly.

(By the way, a red poster with yellow lettering is good heraldry.)

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of thought that goes into campaign colors. This wasn't an accident. Neither was the confrontation of Falun Gong on Main Street some weeks back.

Anonymous said...

I would say using the color red for a gift and using it in a political campaign targeting a particular segment of the population would be two different situations.

Anonymous said...

Since when does RED symbolize ONLY communism?

It doesn't. Red and Yellow are the colors of the PRC China flag, just like red, white and blue are the colors of our flag. There was clearly a message here.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe Wade said it could be for either reason.

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense. Red is used to note an "Auspicious occasion" in Chinese culture. If running for public office doesn't fit the bill I don't know what does

Anonymous said...

But it wasn't just red, it was red and yellow, the colors of the PRC China flag.

It's really obvious what Grace Meng is doing... you're blind to not see it. said...

You ask any Asian person in Flushing and they will tell you that Grace is trying to appeal towards Chinese nationalism. So far I haven't met one person in Flushing whom hasn't agreed. Even her traditional Red, White, and Blue website changes to Red and Yellow when you switch to the Chinese version.

Grace Meng is a Democrat, not a Republican so she has no excuse of using the dark red. When was the last time you saw a Democrat running for office using flyers with red and yellow colors?

To top it off, notice how Grace Meng's 2006 flyer replaces the white with a yellow.

Meanwhile all the other Asian candidates are running with the traditional Red, White, and Blue.

As for the other criticisms, there are indeed low level elections in China, so yes, "Commies do vote". In America the Chinese people vote in large droves.

Wade Nichols, red envelopes are a traditional thing to do with luck, Grace chose dark red and yellow which is not luck related. Chinese tradition in one segment does not cover every other thing else. Just because Valentines uses a lot of red doesn't insinuate anything on the use of red by Republicans.

Any accusations that the Queen's crapper is racist is ridiculous, as an Asian American asked him to post it.

Finally, this is the same Grace Meng that insinuated that Jews only vote Jews on her blog, tried to run for office in Flushing even though she didn't live there, and ran her father's vote-fraud ridden campaign.

Fred said...

Looks like some commenters think they know more about Chinese culture and politics than the Chinese who live in Flushing do. Funny. It's part of that "Stuff That White People Like."

Anonymous said...

It's almost obvious that the original blog was submitted for posting to get a negative political campaign going. Take it with a grain of salt and let's evaluate the campaign issues and not what someone thinks the color red stands for.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the PRC flag is not the only flag with red and yellow. How about some other red & yellow flags, including Spain,Scotland, Macedonia and US Marine to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with the Ridgewoodian way of thinking. Red and yellow flags fly over other countries, so that must mean that red and yellow on Meng's poster does not represent communist China. Yes, it does. Yes, it was meant to evoke a spirit of nationalism in this case. People from China are the majority that live in Flushing not people from Spain, Scotland or Macedonia. There is Chinese lettering on the posters, not the words "Semper Fi".

Ryan DeRamos said...

I think she's going for the McDonald's / Burger King / Carl's Jr. / In-N-Out / El Pollo Loco vote. (Check out those companies' logos!) :-)


Taxpayer said...

If Grace Meng wants to glorify her Commie Homeland, then she should take her campaign there.

Since she won't, then she can loudly condemn the Chinese Commies. She can condemn in Chinese and English, written and spoken.

If she allows the doubt, we are all free to think and say what our opinion is of her choice.

She wants to be on the US citizen's tax payroll? Then she must resolve all questions.

She's just another politician whose credibility is being questioned. That questioning is her problem, not ours. Think John Edwards as you view her credibility.

Ryan DeRamos said...

I'm sorry, when I wrote "Carl's Jr.," I meant "Hardee's." Sorry to interrupt the seriousness here. :-)

Anonymous said...

If Grace Meng wants to glorify her Commie Homeland, then she should take her campaign there.

HUH? Grace Meng was born & raised in the United States, or are you referring to the U.S. as her "Commie Homeland"?

Anonymous said...

If you check out this website: . There are JFK political poster which are also in red.

Anonymous said...

The thumbnail you posted, cuts off the bottom of Kennedy's poster... which is blue.

Here is the full image. As you can see, it is red white n blue!

Meng has no excuse.

Meng may have been born in America but her dad is born from China and still a card carrying member of the Chinese Nationalist Party despite having once ran for office in America. What does that say?

georgetheatheist said...

Two things.

1. Is the American flag (Old Glory) ever prominently displayed (if at all)at any "Chinese" Flushing political event lately? Did the two factions at the recent Falung Gong "to-do" display the American flag in the streets?

2. Years ago, I knew a politician in the Bronx who told me he had sent back to the printer his campaign palm cards because the type color was not the right shade of blue. Another pol who was mentoring him saw them and told him that the color blue was not the shade "Jew blue". The neophyte pol, taken aback by this possible anti-Semitic outburst, questioned him incredulously: "Jew blue, what are you talking about?" The other guy told him it was not the shade of blue of the blue in the flag of Israel. The new guy did what he was told since there were alot of Jewish voters in his district. He also designed the type of the palm cards for the Italian areas in his district in the colors of the Italian flag: red, white and green.

Meng is following in the tradition of NYC ethnic-oriented group politics. Moron voters are influenced by the graphic arts more so than the issues. In fact, this process goes back to the totalitarian dictators of the '20's and '30's. The infamous graphic artist Hitler personally designed the Nazi imagery: campaign literature, flags, standards, etc.

Dr. Stu said...

I don't have a problem with Gracie using the colors of the Chinese flag. Many Chinese immigrants, while not liking the Chinese government, are still proud of their country. Just like people in the United States hating Bush, but still loving the country.

Gracie should be more concerned about how she will explain her role in voter fraud, being a carpet bagger who does not live in Flushing and her racists blogs. She is nothing but a little girl trying out for an adult's job. If it weren't for her father, she would be unknown.

Anonymous said...

Hey crappy, if you don't like what you see then don't post it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

This site is called "Queens Crapper" for a reason. Aren't you missing the point? Of course he'll post what he doesn't like.

Ridgewoodian said...

DR STU: Many Chinese immigrants, while not liking the Chinese government, are still proud of their country. Just like people in the United States hating Bush, but still loving the country.

Well put.

ANONYMOUS: Here we go again with the Ridgewoodian way of thinking.

You realize, of course, that you’re responding to a post that I didn’t put up, right?

ANONYMOUS: Red and Yellow are the colors of the PRC China flag, just like red, white and blue are the colors of our flag. There was clearly a message here.

Maybe. Although in the absence of actual evidence that she’s a communist I think Dr. Stu’s explanation is just as likely.

Interesting to note:

The flag of the Republic of China, which pre-dates the PRC flag by at least two decades, and which is still flown on Taiwan, has a field of red. No, there’s no yellow in it, but yellow is all over the civil ensign, the President’s standard, and the Vice-President’s standard. I don’t know what Red and Yellow “mean” to the average Chinese, but I’d be willing to bet that they mean more than JUST communism.

Also – hasn’t anyone noticed that there are, in fact THREE colors on the campaign poster, red, yellow, and white?

In heraldry there are seven basic “tinctures” – two metals: Gold/Yellow and Silver/White, and five colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Black, and Green. The rule is metal doesn’t go on metal and color doesn’t go on color. This ensures proper contrast. Almost all national flags follow this rule (Albania is an exception) and it’s even followed in such things as the color schemes of traffic signs. Not because some DWEM set it down for all time in the Middle Ages but because it WORKS. Having evidentially decided to use a red background in her posters Meng was more or less limited to two colors that she could use for the lettering, if she wanted it to really “pop out.”

ANONYMOUS: Meng may have been born in America but her dad is born from China and still a card carrying member of the Chinese Nationalist Party despite having once ran for office in America. What does that say?

I don’t know what that says about his fitness to hold office in the United States but it sure screams one thing at me: Anti-Communist. The Chinese Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang, was the adversary of the Communist Party during the Chinese Civil War. It’s governed Taiwan for most of the last 60 years, the first thirty-some-odd under martial law, “During the Period of Communist Rebellion.” It’s generally maintained that it’s the legitimate government of all of China and that the People’s Republic is a usurper regime. If the apple does indeed not fall far from the tree it’s even more unlikely that the younger Meng is a communist.

Anonymous said...

Interesting on your last paragraph because last I saw the Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan were warming up to China. Haven't you been reading the news? China is Taiwan's biggest trading partner and their current president talks about eventual unification. Doesn't sound anti-communist to me.

Anonymous said...

"You realize, of course, that you’re responding to a post that I didn’t put up, right?"

Yes, I am well aware that you didn't post it. But it's exactly the way you think.

It's pretty obvious. said...

Ridgewoodian, just what may have prompted Meng to choose Red and Yellow in the "second largest Chinatown in America" when her past flyer of the same type was Blue and White?

Grace Meng isn't stupid, according to the website of her lawfirm she has a, "B.A. from the University of Michigan and her J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law".

She must have known what her color choice would have brought up in the minds of many Chinese.

Most candidates around the world use colors of their party or country for their ads when running. Grace sure as heck wasn't using the colors of her party or country.

Anonymous said...

Grace is less interested in creating a "Peoples' Republic of Flushing" than she is in establishing the "Meng Dynasty"!

Better move over Toby.

Your own dynastic privileges are about to be curtailed by the great invading political horde from the east!

That's what you get for having kissed Asian ass all these years!

Anonymous said...

The smog that's currently hovering over Beijing and stressing athletic performance is nothing compared with the cloud of corruption that surrounds Asian political aspirations in the province of F-Liu-xhing!

Anonymous said...

You've got to admire the Chinese people.
I do...sometimes with some trepidation.

Through patience, persistance, skill and long term planning, they have created some of the world's greatest art and a long lasting empire.

So now they have "conquered" Flushing and possibly prevented it from becoming a dangerous ghetto.

It may currently be filthy but you can safely walk the streets at night .

It's all about education and attention to detail.

Perhaps others should take a great lesson from this all instead of spending time looking for handouts and consuming pop culture in lieu of getting a good education!

Once a dying Alexander the Great was asked, "To whom do you leave your kingdom"?

He answered, "To the strongest"
(or the wisest who are best fit for the job)!

Anonymous said...

This is all part of the "Faulin Gong

It's the Gongs versus mainland Communist sympathizers fighting each other in Flushing recently.

Maybe Meng is being slipped some laundered campaign money under the table from Red China!

(Ask Gary Ackerman).

Geraldine said...

I don't know about the change in poster colors from the last election, but Meng's definitely become porkier. Maybe just getting ready to feed in the trough.

georgetheatheist said...

Chiang Kaishek is turning over in his tomb with the sell-out of the Kuomintang to the mainland Commies.

Anonymous said...

The overseas Asian money coming into both their campaigns and to the developers of Flushing amounts to a takeover by a foreign power of an American community.

Don't expect Congressman Ackerman to stop this, he been on the asian payroll for years. He sells himself to them because he the head of a subcommittee on Asian trade.

Anonymous said...

Get over it. Nothing inscrutable here folks.

Red is just the preferred power color among the Chinese (followed by a choice of yellow).

They're a primal superstitious lot
i.e. feng shui, sloped roofs and refusal to live on a dead end streets because a bad spirit can get trapped there.

My Lord it's the 21st century
in America the last time I checked the almanac.

Anonymous said...

"sloped roofs"????

Have you seen the crap they live in these days? Even the fancy homes look like Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you brought up Gary and his Asian Committee post.

Does that give him whoring privileges like Donald Manes, every time he takes a junket to Taiwan?

(Scheuer preferred Asian women also from what we've heard).

Was Myra Herce their "procurer"?

Anonymous said...

Will ex C.M. Harrison be supporting her (besides running for district leader)?

Julia will flip flop from political adversary to a friend in a New York minute if it's expedient.

Remember Pauline Chu...
first a pol/enemy and then a member of the sisterhood!

What untrustworthy hypocrisy!

C-mon now, let's hear a word or two of protest from our Julia butt kisser!

Ridgewoodian said...

ANONYMOUS: I saw the Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan were warming up to China.

This is a bad thing why? Isn’t it better that they be talking rather than fighting, especially since a war in the Taiwan Straits would almost certainly involve the United States?

Also, you can say that the PRC, since it abandoned doctrinaire Maoism and began to introduce gradual market reforms in the ‘70s, has “warmed” to Taiwan. It’s certainly moved closer to capitalism than Taiwan has towards socialism.

ANONYMOUS: China is Taiwan's biggest trading partner….

Which means what, exactly? We do a gargantuan amount of trade with the PRC. Does that make US communists?

ANONYMOUS: … their current president talks about eventual unification.

Of course he does. That’s been the policy of the Kuomintang since it was exiled to Taiwan. Of course, the idea is that the country be reunited as the REPUBLIC of China and that the PRC be dismantled. As Ma Ying-jeou, who’s now the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) said before he was elected:

“Our interpretation that ‘one China’ is the Republic of China is based on the former conclusion of a National Unification Council meeting. The key is that each side doesn't deny the other, though they don't recognize or agree with the other.”


“On cross-strait relations, we believe that it's best to maintain the status quo.”

Again, just after his election earlier this year it was noted that:

“In recognition of the fact that the great majority of Taiwan’s 23 million residents want the continuation of the status quo, Ma has repeatedly stressed that he will never enter into ‘reunification talks’ with Beijing during his tenure.”

At the same time, though:

“It is well-known that while Ma has ‘nationalist’ and patriotic inclinations, he is a fervent anti-Communist—and an ardent critic of China’s shabby record in the areas of democracy and human rights. This is despite the fact that KMT heavyweights, including former chairman Lien Chan, have seldom made negative comments about domestic Chinese politics. In his victory speech, Ma noted that ‘freedom and democracy’ were the core values of Taiwan and that he would never compromise Taiwan’s sovereign status and the interests of its people. He is perhaps the only well-known Taiwan politician who has attended all the annual memorials marking the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Several years ago, he famously said that ‘unless Beijing overturns the verdict on Tiananmen Square, there will be no hope for national reunification’ (United Evening News (Taiwan), March 23).”

In other words, it IS his long term goal to reunite the country as a market democracy. But he doesn't see that happening anytime soon so he's planning to preserve the status quo.

ANONYMOUS: Doesn't sound anti-communist to me.

I think your analysis is a bit wanting.

ANONYMOUS: Most candidates around the world use colors of their party or country for their ads when running. Grace sure as heck wasn't using the colors of her party or country.

Last I checked, red and white are two of the three colors in Old Glory. And if you’re implying that blue is “the” color of the Democratic Party, that’s just silly. The whole Red/Blue thing only came about because in 2000 the networks happened to mark Bush states Red and Gore states Blue, and Tim Russert ran with it. In other elections the color schemes have been different.

So does it all just come down to the YELLOW? Christ, this is the stupidest debate I’ve heard since the Terrorist Fist Jab whoopdeedoo.

Anonymous said...

Ridgewoodian, as an American who lived in Taiwan for fifteen years, I think your comments about the political situation there are quite accurate and on the mark.

I'm less familiar with the political dynamics of Flushing, but I'd be willing to bet that while invoking Chinese nationalism in general would be a vote-getter (among all but ardent Tibetan and Taiwanese independence advocates), linking oneself to the PRC government and Communist party would be less appealing to many overseas Chinese. So I'm not persuaded that that is what Meng is doing.

Ultimate Frisbee said...

It's disturbing that we're all so caught up in nationalism and colors, when the issues that affect people in her District should matter more.

Having read this column, I am apt to believe that there are more and more people not thinking about what matters and instead thinking about what doesn't matter.

Is there no end to ignorance? Are we back in the 50's now, where we throw terms like Communist around as if that is such a bad thing?

Wait, soon you all will scream, he is a COMMIE! It's ridiculous. It's people and thinking like that that helped George "Dumbleyou" Bush twice. Are you guys so afraid of change?

It's amazing in this day and age, the lack of sincerity and honesty even in the slightest provacation. Half of the reponses I read, are nothing more than immature opinions on misbeguided facts, and the other half hearsay.

Far be it for me to stand here and say I am right, but far be it also, for some of you to sit there and act as if you guys know anything at all firsthand. Stop being lemmings. Want to know the truth? Ask her yourself. Want to know what she stands for? Email her. It's not that hard.

Otherwise, you're all just like little kids standing the playground spreading rumors.


Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be so obvious that Grace Meng was trying to court nationalism if it weren't for the fact that Grace Meng only used the red and yellow flyers for downtown Flushing where many the Chinese are. For Korean restaurants or non-Chinese establishments elsewhere, she only used her blue flyers.

The smoking gun is that she has a cartoon character that adorns these paper fans she gives out that actually depicts herself similar to a Beijing 2008 Olympic Friendly Fuwa, namely Huan Huan.