Friday, August 8, 2008

Huang flipping out in Forest Hills

Forest Hills 72 found this ad online and traced it back to Tommy Huang. Sorry, man. I wish the city would get rid of this guy once and for all. They certainly have plenty of cause.


Anonymous said...

Getting rid of Huang is harder than trying to eradicate a persistent patch of poison ivy.

He's, obviously, too entangled with
city government (and its many pol/crooks) to be pulled out down to the roots!

It's been said that he has a "back door" into city hall and "owned a few judges".

In China (and similarly in Tommy's homeland Taiwan), the term "back door" has a very specific meaning.
It indicates the way corruption is permitted in government circles and how one may gain access (through a "back door") by bribing bureaucrats and officials gain favor.

Just like in contributing
money to candidates' political campaigns.

Beginning with the Koch administration on through Bloomberg's, this little Asian demon has been spreading the green around to circumvent being put out of business and avoid doing jail time.

In a city that's willing accept land abuse and shoddy building practices for the sake of "progress", stomping a cockroach like Huang would set a bad precedent for the free wheeling freedom developers enjoy at our expense!

Don't expect NYC to put the brakes on T.H. anytime in the near future.

Besides, he's probably got the goods on too many of his powerful
pol/partners for them to give him up!

They're being blackmailed into silence and inaction!

Anonymous said...

That BASTARD violated building codes and public safety on numerous attempts knowingly, and he should lose his development rights forevermore, and serve substantial time in the slammer. Every politician that may be affilated with him, should be investigated in the utmost.