Monday, August 4, 2008

For everything else, there's MasterCard

"New passenger-side window: $110
Alcohol cleaner and paper towels from Rite Aid: $4

Knowing the skell who broke into my car not only found nothing to steal, but also hurt himself in the process: priceless.

Some things money can't buy." - anonymous

Found out first hand that the 104th precinct has a litany of reasons why people shouldn't report these types of incidents.

The real reasons are:
a) they are too lazy to do paperwork and
b) their bosses want to keep the crime stats low.


Anonymous said...

You complain WAY TOO MUCH...


It's no wonder you do not have a husband.

Anonymous said...

Ten days ago I called 911 because I had a prowler in my yard, it was 11pm, it took the 104 PCt 2 hours to show up. They said they had just got the call over the radio.
They are just a bunch of bold face liars. I couldnt even deal with them at that point, they are such a disgrace.

Must come from the Captain because shit runs down hill.

Anonymous said...

Lazy or crooked cops a time "honored" tradition.

Maybe a little reminder to the 104th (or other precincts) that the crime victim intends to do a follow up on the paper work, will yield more ambitious results from the gendarme!

I wonder if the real estate/pol pals tell the local precinct to soft pedal the crime stats....
especially in areas ripe for development.

We wouldn't want to discourage those overpaying yuppies from shunning an area for fear of becoming a crime victim!

Anonymous said...

"Anon #1" do you know it's a "she" who doesn't have a husband?

Maybe it's a pink raping bastard,
like yourself, who really has a penchant for little boys and who's cover is molesting
ex-C.M. "Pinky" !

Anonymous said...

Call Internal Affairs and report
the late 911 response.

Then the 104th will be forced to do miles of the paperwork that they hate as well as face a full fledged investigation (just as I once did at the 109th).

Boy, did their response time improve after my call to IAD (at least for the next two years).

Queens Crapper said...

"It's no wonder you do not have a husband."

I think I understand where this is coming from. It's been a year since you were paraded in handcuffs before the world.

How's Donna doing these days? Oh, that's right - you wouldn't know.

Julie said...

Good point, Crappy. If you HAD to have a husband in order to be treated appropriately by the police, could you imagine getting Dennis Gallagher? I'd rather stay an old maid.

Truman Harris said...

Think of how frustrated the pink bastard is now that he can't direct his two nitwits to blog for him from his upstairs rape room funded by his campaign contributions. So each day before his hair-of-the-dog at O'Neill's, he comes here and posts his sick, twisted fantasies and angry snipes. Hopefully, he'll end up like O.J. - sued for everything he has, and then locked up down the line for some other transgression.

Queens Crapper said...

You know, I am sorry I took the sicko's bait and got off topic. Although we did talk about people getting what they deserve, which is what the junkie who smashed my car window got.

Anonymous said...

Internal Affairs does not investigate a lack of response to 911 calls. That little anecdote about the 109 and the improved response time is an outright fabrication.

Anonymous said...

"That little anecdote about the 109 and the improved response time is an outright fabrication."

Just like police stats showing reduction in crime!

Anonymous said...

Talk to any members of the JPCA executive board. They have dealt with the issue of Police response time concerning the 104th Pct. They can confirm that it is not an Internal Affairs issue and is merely handled, in the BEST circumstance, at a patrol borough level. Very frustrating. But please refrain from wasting our time with your false stories and inadequate solutions to a real problem.

Queens Crapper said...

Stop trying to make this into a police response time issue. This was responded to rather quickly for a non-emergency situation.

The problem is that the cops really don't give a shit, they try to get out of doing the paperwork, and that makes the captain happy because it keeps crime stats low.

Many times I have called in 311 complaints only to find that someone at the 104th precinct entered into the system that the situation was responded to and nothing was found. I KNOW they never responded and I KNOW they certainly didn't do so a 1/2 hour after I called. For example: If I can see a car blocking my driveway from my window, and it's still there with no ticket on it after a 311 complaint was supposedly answered a 1/2 hour later, then they couldn't possibly have responded to the scene and/or found nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the 104 is famous for lying about responding to 311 calls.

Anonymous said...

Former Captain (now Deputy Inspector!) Greene of the 104th has an agreement with Staples. When the latest, most high tech shredder comes to market, he gets first dibs. This way he makes our crime reports disappear.

If that fails,he resorts to his patented plan B; teaching his patrol officers how it would be in they're best career interest to ignore, or, at the least, downgrade the crime reports. How many assaults have been recored as "harassments?" How many burglaries are reduced to "trespass" due to the stroke of a pen?

Follow up with the precinct personnel on your crime report. You'd be sadly shocked to find how felonies are being re-classified.

"Yes sir, felonies are down yet again this quarter in the 104. Oh, thank you, Commissioner, I will keep up the good work." (reminder; call Staples,check on that new shredder.)

Anonymous said...

How do you know so much about the 109th or IAD ?

You're the one that's fabricating... it Ms. Markell
their famed groupie?

Anonymous said...

I once though of keeping a ten foot hissing Python in my car as an anti theft deterrent.

But try carrying a heavy snake
back home after he's swallowed even an underweight junkie.

I'm not that strong!

Anonymous said...

Python....not a bad idea....the "Holy Grail" (ha, ha)
of automobile protection.

Sure beats the "The Club"
in some ways!

Anonymous said...

"It's no wonder you do not have a husband."

i always thought crappy was a guy. see, you learn something every day.

Anonymous said...

maybe that's why the NYPD has such a shitty salary... they're earning it

(well, they're certainly not showing and reason to raise their salary if they're going to see fit to ignore the small stuff)

Anonymous said...

When I park in a shady area at night, after removing all valuables I set mousetraps in the glove box.

Anonymous said...


How's your career going these days? Maybe Anthony Como will hire you as in intern.

Anonymous said...

what areas does the 104 cover anyway?

Anonymous said...

Crappy is a guy with a sexy voice.

Kurt said...

I'm new to this blog, so I'm not sure who hates who yet, but I can tell you that the Queens Police are supposed to provide a fingerprinting service for (among other things) teachers applying for a NY credential. When you call to make an appointment, though, they strongly encourage you (read won't give you an appointment) to use a fingerprinting service on Steinway.

Anonymous said...

"Crappy is a guy with a sexy voice."

Ooooo, yummy.

Dr. Engine said...

Make the 104th run DNA on that blood on your seat.

Wade Nichols said...

Sorry to hear of your double troubles - first the break-in of your car, and the second "insult upon injury" involving the police department.

But, as you already alluded, you at least can feel a sense of schadenfreude over the bastard cutting his hand!

Anonymous said...

Someone broke into my car 4 months ago - crime is definitely on the up! Also, couldn't agree with you more about the cops - I waited almost 2 hours for them to come and it was clear they didn't want to fill out the report....

Anonymous said...

last anon:

when cops do that , who can you file a complaint with? maybe write to a couple of newspapers? that would embarrass the hell out of the nypd

Anonymous said...

NYPD has just one job, nothing else matters, get rid of as many of what would be numbers showing crime is rising as they can.

italian girl said...

After following this blog for a while, it tells me one thing. Queens isn't worth it anymore. It's not worth investing your money here, raising your family here, or complaining to your politicians (who will do nothing). I don't know if a new mayor will change anything. I think what Bloomie started will only snowball. Queens used to be such a desirable place. No more.

Anonymous said...

Write to the Police Commissioner. He does not like to hear that his police force is not doing their job.

The 104 is notorious for lying about responding. I know first hand. When my house alarm went off, they said they checked the back entrance where the alarm was triggered. I am attached on both sides, they would have had to climb high fences and dodge dogs in the adjourning yards. They did not look. THEY LYED.....

Joe said...

The 104 has always been a retirement and trainee house.
When I lived in Ridgewood (Seneca and Norman) we took care of things ourselves.

Usually with a baseball bat. In the old days "they" always ran south.

I witnessed a 16 year old POS mug my 70 year old neighbor right through my front window.
I ran down the adjacent street (Summerfield)
Sure enough caught the bastard at the corner by the shirt on Cypress ave trying to make it to the tracks.
His shirt tore off and he got hit by a car darting into traffic.

These 2 older 104 cops were pissed at ME because they had to "come in" and help these rookies do all the paperwork & accident scene stuff.

I had to go to court but was protected by the Good Samaritan law.


Wade Nichols said...

Thank you, Joe!

It's refreshing to read about someone who's actually concerned about their neighbors, and willing to stick their neck out. Glad that you also prevailed in the phoney "kangaroo court" case against you!

When the police shirk their duties, it's up to the citizenry to take enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

RE A Python as a deterent

So long as it's a colt Python

Joe said...

Thanks Wade.
It’s nice to be appreciated in this now f--rd up country of "sensitivity, tolerance and politically correct crap'ola"

Back to that story:
I couldnt beleive the bullshit defence in court. The POS (with a LONG LONG record) taxpayer appointed lawyer brings this social worker & doctor up who say.

"He's a wonderful child and son when he takes his medication"

...people were cracking up in the courtroom !!

I was 17 at the time but would do it again if needed.
My only regret is too bad the car didn’t finish the job. 2 years later the same POS was in the Ridgewood Times...shot somebody comitting a car jacking.
Now if the cops and courts were allowed to do there job's.... ?

Sadly ever since gun control and all the the civil right BS imposed on us a gunpoint by the government 1965 we now have a legal system and no longer a justice system.

Taxpayer said...

Want to complain about slow response time, or sloppy, lazy officers?

Contact Commissar Death and Taxes. He detests the NYPD so much, that he sends you complaint to the Commissioner, who sends it to the Borough Commander, then to the precinct. Each in the chain must explain, in writing, why the complaint occurred.

It certainly isn't that Commissar D&T cares that you had reason to complain, or that he wants no repeat of the problem. He simply despises cops and uses your complaint to bust chops.

Try it. But don't lie or exaggerate. As Joe Friday always said: Just the facts.

If someone in the chain can wriggle out by pointing to a lie or exaggeration, they wash their hands of you.

Joe said...

Poor Crappy the outcome could have been worse.
That looks like the drivers "birth control seat" of late 70's Firebird or Camaro.

No doubt the droid was going for the ignition & column.

I had a 74 Firebird ESpirit. --was rigged up with a couple tap switches, DC-AC converter and 20KV Neon laser power supply between the seat and chasses ground.
Nailed a couple of droids real good, screaming 4AM in the morning.

Ridgewood really went downhill fast after 1984 and the introduction of Crack…


Anonymous said...

what the hell is a "birth control seat"?

CntrySigns said...

"I once though of keeping a ten foot hissing Python in my car as an anti theft deterrent."
Unfortunately if the a-hole who breaks in gets bite he can sue you. The guy that hurt his hand breaking into this guys car could too. Don't ya love it here?!?

D.Dederick said...

When someone broke into my apartment in Elmhurst the police came two weeks later. Even though I told them there were footprints and fingerprints for the taking.

They came two weeks later and told me there wasn't anything to do but it was good of me to file a police report.

Joe said...

Birth Control Seat = Bucket seat.
The older cars had one large bench seat across the front. I had a 66 LaSabre would go to Forest Park with Gina :)
Now that lovers lane road is all grown in, filthy, fenced in with concrete barriers to the East.

Anonymous said...

Crappy has a birth control attitude.