Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pinky cuffed and stuffed

By late yesterday, the political fallout of the charges was apparent. Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, said Mr. Gallagher would step down from his position as minority whip, the second-highest position among three Republican members of the 51-member City Council, and would temporarily remove himself from several committee assignments. His lawyer, Stephen R. Mahler, said in an interview that Mr. Gallagher had no intention of relinquishing his seat on the Council.

Not that anyone would notice if he did. There's also been an addition to Monday's Ethics Committee Calendar...

Arraigned on Rape Charges, Councilman Is Out on Bail

Vincent Arcuri Jr., a retired construction manager and chairman of Community Board 5, which covers the area that includes Mr. Gallagher’s district, said residents had not forgotten his work in obtaining city money for landscaping and neighborhood improvements. “As far as I can see, it’s business as usual in the Council district,” he said.

Right, Vinnie. For the past 6 years, he's been pulling in a salary funded by taxpayer money and working on behalf of developers to "improve" and change the "landscape" of Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale, Ridgewood and part of Richmond Hill.

Queens councilman surrenders on rape charges

Queens Councilman Accused Of Rape Surrenders


Political insiders told The Post that the Gallaghers have long had a troubled relationship. Despite their differences, Donna, 44, decided to stick by her husband years ago for the sake of his career and their children.

God bless her.

Mr. Gallagher appeared at the arraignment yesterday with his wife, Donna, and his brother Kevin. Mr. Mahler said Kevin Gallagher had provided the money for the $200,000 bail.

Very interesting. More on this soon...


Taxpayer said...

All those years he was bellying up to the bar, he never imagined himself bellying up to this bar in cuffs.

How drunk will he have to get now just to remove the memory of that scene?

Brendan said...

Seeing Councilman Dennis Gallagher, the accused corrupt rapist pig, in handcuffs has made my year! As one who worked for him years ago I can tell you that ALL ex-employees despise this maniac.

He treats people as just tools and objects to do his bidding. He is the most disgusting immoral person that I have met in by 44 years on this earth.

What this does prove is there is a God. He could not let this evil man get away with his vile actions any longer. Praise the Lord!

neighbor said...

Donna Gallagher is no angel. She also carried on affairs for years. The marriage had been dysfunctional & broken for a long time, the two had a financial agreement and used the kids as the reason they were staying together. That's why Dennis was free to shit where he eats and pick up women right across the street from his house. You should hear Donna screaming at Dennis. I almost felt sorry for him. Her mouth reverberated throughout the community drive.

I'm not surprised that she appears to be standing by her man. The phony image of both continues. These are NOT nice people. This is far from a normal marriage.

Anonymous said...

gallagher in cuffs... the image of the year...i hope one of the local newspapers has this on the front page... i'll frame it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

“As far as I can see, it’s business as usual in the Council district”

So the councilmember getting indicted for rape is just an everyday occurrence in most council districts?

Anonymous said...

In New York City politicians are considered inherently corrupt low life, long before they officially take their seats in government.

This is mainly due to the way in which
political campaigns are funded by greedy
powerful real estate interests that maintain
a strangle hold on the whole democratic process through their various political accomplices.
A prime example of this is C.M. Katz chair of the City Council's land use committee.

Occasionally an out and out crook like former Assemblyman Mc Laughlin gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is indicted on federal racketeering charges (RICO).

Thus, when it comes to pass that an evil soul like C.M. Gallagher, who has raped an entire community is finally apprehended.... it should come as no surprise that he's brought in handcuffs like a twisted deranged criminal before a judge and charged with the rape of a single individual!

He has betrayed the sacred trust of the voters, abandoned his constituents and spat upon the Maspeth community regarding his blatant refusal to support the protection of the St. Saviour's site from oblivion!

Now (appropriately) his political aspirations are strewn about his feet in ruins just like the trunks and branches of those old growth trees that were recently butchered.

If there is any consolation regarding the pain and suffering that Maspeth has endured for many long years under Gallagher's reign ..... he will finally be gone and forever sentenced to a life of shame, if not in fact, a lengthy prison term (G-d willing) to set an example as a warning to others !

Anonymous said...

"Vincent Arcuri Jr., a retired construction manager and chairman of Community Board 5,"

Huh? What? How can someone with this record run the community board especially since development is such a controversial subject. The city is dumping its excess population on Queens.

This guy cannot fight for the community with this in his resume.

Acuri should step down. You saw it here first.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, if this one is gone, the clubhouse will appoint another to take his place.

Any specualtion as to which august body this would come from?

Anonymous said...

It seems as if CB5 and CB1 have taken summer camp together.

After what Dennis did to his community, and St Saviours, those words of that moron Vincent should be thrown into his face in every meeting ... until he steps down.

He no longer has the confidence of the community.

Anonymous said...

I know this will never happen.....but to start with
I would recommend that all political advertising
be abolished except the following type.

A fixed number uniformly designed newspaper ads (identical in appearance) for each candidate
stating his or her past service to the community they're intent on representing
and listing their qualifications to run for office
(a curriculum vitae for a job interview) .

This is all to be publicly funded with limited equal amounts alloted to each candidate to guarantee a level playing field for all.

We desperately need real, not token, election reform because somebody is just waiting in the wings
to continue Gallagher's depraved legacy of favoritism and betrayal.

Pinky's replacement candidate has probably
already consulted with the"Parkside Group"
and has transferred a hefty sum from their
real estate industry political campaign contributions to them!

Anonymous said...

Hey QC,who would you vote for chairperson for CB 5?

Anonymous said...

Acuri is the biggest dope of them all. How he can state that it's business as usual for someone who will be fighting to stay out of jail for 25 years, continue to be a drunken bum everyday and continue his dirty low down practices until he gets booted from office.

This moron Acrui represents us, we don't deserve morons, he must go!

Anonymous said...

I've witnessed the same poor behavior from Pinky and Donna, two terrible losers who call themselves parents......and unfortunately the kids are following their parents footsteps.

Donna has nailed just as many victims as Pinky, both are low lifes, white trash to be exact.

Now Donna is standing by her man, the very man that she has called every name in the book, like a truck driver, she knows all the curse words.

It's because of the almighty dollar.

You see, innocent Donna, can not get those payments from Pinky if he's in jail.

And don't forget a civil suit thereafter!

Anonymous said...

It was great to see the cuffs.

It was a joke seeing Pinky and his wife holding hands, the first time in 7 years....yes 7 years!

Does the hand holding mean Pinky stops being a druken womanizing bum. You can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Anonymous said...

Word has it that 4 women have come forward and will testify to Gallagher's sexual abuse and assualt towards them over the past couple of years.

Pinky's cooked, well done!

Tom B. said...

Where is his famous stuttering
lawyer, Jake LaSala? Just proves
all he did as an attorney was to pay Gallaghers Bar Bill. Must be
pretty lonely for Jake drinking by himself. At least Gallaghers wife stayed with him. Jake was so bad his wife left him. Took him to the cleaners too! Ha!




Anonymous said...
response to Thursday May 10:

Joe, the Chief Corruptor, Blowhard, and Braggart, who was probably forced to retire in 2004. Commanding Officer? (ha ha) Command this, Joe. You're nothin' but a Chief "WANNA BE" who didn't have the class nor brains to be a real cop. You were nothin' but a CIVILIAN INVESTIGATOR.

As for the Detective Investigators Assoc, he was NEVER the President of this organization. He was the president of the Police Benevolent Association of the D.A.'s Offices until 1991. He did such a poor job, he corrupted and bankrupted the union until they voted him out. Let us not forget he was a person of interest who had his union books subpoened by the US Attorney. Yup, he was hooked up in the Ron Reale (transit union President) CORRUPTION TRIAL. A half-baked politican who ran for Public Advocate. Needless to say, Reale's trial dealt with fund raising - beat this one, Pinky! Things got so bad the new board was forced to close the corporation and start a new one called the "Detective Investigators Assoc", with which he has no association.

Thanks Joe,
Your Former 211 R.O.D.

Dennis takes advice from LaCrapa said...

Was it Jake, the stuttering dumbass attorney, who suggested that Gallagher go before the grand jury? What a dumb move. It had to be Jake, nobody could be that dumb. DA Brown is now going to use his testimony against him in court. Nice move Jake. Thanks for giving Gallagher that advice.

Gallagher thought he could lie to the grand jury and they would believe him. What an idiot!

Gallagher & LaCrapa: Dumb & Dumber!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually believe Pinky will even serve one day in jail? Before Sept. 28th rolls around, you know there's going to be some kind of plea deal for probation. His family's money and his political clout will get him off, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher will go to jail. Did your read the 10 count indictment? Very serious, there is no plea bargaining here. They have all the evidence they need and then some.

Anonymous said...

Click Here for a Reenactment of Pinky's court appearance

Since the public is not allowed to view a grand jury proceeding we present to you Curly Howard of the three stooges to give a dramatization of how Dennis "Pinky" Gallagher's testimony went.

greatest hits said...


Did you know? said...

• Dennis P. Gallagher keeps paying off a staff member he’s been abusing, she should leave immediately since she is basically a good person and you hate to see her caught up in this.

• So many people have seen his illegal and immoral activities and many will give him up in a heartbeat.

• He keeps telling them that nothing will happen except it is already too late. Look at him, he’s a walking barometer of deceit. The more pink he gets the more lying he's doing.

• His office has been used for everything, so much so, even Bubba would be jealous. Shockingly, the guy shits where he eats.

• His old boss still calls him Duplicitous Dennis. “When you have been lying your entire life it becomes like breathing.” "He always underestimates the intelligence of his friends and enemies." “He loses track of his lies and when he gets caught he adamantly questions your memory and denies everything.”

• He is a good con artist to the gullible. His "friends" eventually become his victims. The extremely dumb ones catch on very late. This is evident by the people who are still with him.

• Yes there is a God. Gallagher has already been punished for his reckless life. His maladies are so extensive that it would take too much space on this blog to list.

• Sadly, there's more but the pure evil of this man is giving me the chills.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anonymous said...

The image I'll remember from this past week is Donna Gallagher smiling and holding hands with her cheating husband. There couldn't be a more phony image than Donna "standing by her man."

They have not been "husband & wife" since the 1990's when Donna was going to leave him for another man. Dennis cried and begged her not to leave and the two made an arrangement for appearances only.

Nobody should feel sorry for Donna. She knew a long time ago about what kind of person Dennis was and is. When you live a lie it will eventually bite did.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is taking a sky dive
way down to the bottom of the filthy lake
that he's made for himself.

If he ever surfaces
he'll have a mouth full of pond scum....
not unlike himself !

Anonymous said...

"Pin-KY-jelly" Gallagher
is gonna be his new name in prison.

He'll need a tube real soon !

H-m-m-m....all that soft soaping
he gave his constituents all these years !