Saturday, August 4, 2007

Want extra sprinkles?

Police allege the Mister Softee who was driving this truck was selling a lot more than just ice cream sundaes. Investigators say he was a drug dealer, who set up shop on 167th Street and 108th Road.

"You wouldn't expect a Mister Softee to be selling drugs," a resident told us.

Drugs sold out of an ice cream truck?

Worst of all, Jermaine Jordan was collared at 5 p.m. allegedly dishing his cocaine and marijuana in front of IS 8, also known as Richard Grossley Junior HS, in Jamaica.

Jordan, 26, allegedly took a page from the movie, "Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams," in which the comedians played pot dealers disguised as ice cream men.


Photo from Channel 7 ABC News

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Taxpayer said...

Remember the Good Humor ice cream truck?

Guess why they are no longer in business?