Sunday, July 20, 2008

World's Fair Convention today

Sights and sounds of the 1964 World's Fair will return to Queens Sunday at a Corona convention where nostalgists can buy trinkets, watch newsreels and listen to music from the historic exhibition that debuted 44 years ago.

1964 World's Fair to be commemorated at convention in Corona

Visitors to the all-day, $10-a-head event at the Holiday Inn LaGuardia can even sip a Unisphere cocktail - rum, Bénédictine, Pernod, grenadine and lime juice - or eat a Belgian waffle, which made its American debut at the fair.

"My emphasis is on show and tell and being social," said organizer Richard Post, 54, of Lawrence, L.I., who hopes to attract locals who attended the fair as well as those who weren't even born at the time.

"I really don't want to get the Trekkie types who dress up as Robert Moses," joked Post, referring to "Star Trek" fans who go the extra mile at sci-fi conventions.

Damn, there go my plans for today. All kidding aside, it's the perfect indoor event for a day like today. Open from 9am-6pm.


Anonymous said...

The convention-goers should use the event as an occasion to organize a movement to restore the neglected NYS Pavilion. Get those petitions going!

Anonymous said...

That's funny, Atlas Park is hosting a "World's Fair" of their own next weekend...

-Joe said...

HaaHaa the best trading was goig on outsde "trunk to trunk" Spme of those dudes hd parts of pavillions long lost to the Staten Island landfill.
I have some blue NYSP lamps and a whole 6 cube light post.

Shame what the parks dept did destroying the tarazzo map panels the Queens museam and people worked 4 months on.
They dumped the panels back then smashing, running over with a dumpster truck then discarded like chopped up theater scenery.

(The Park and there boss Bloomberg want anything and EVERYTHING that could be re-stored ERASED

Anonymous said...

I went there, great stuff and fantastic movies.

Kyle "G" said...

We are recreating all the World's Fair in 3D see here .