Friday, July 4, 2008

Washington crosses the Flushing

Joseph Ardizzone, who has lived in Willets Point since 1932 and is the last resident at the site, criticized the city’s attitude towards the area for the past 30 years and its failure to put in sewers, roads and provide other municipal services for the neighborhood.

CB 7 OKs Willets Plan … with buts

“For the past 75 years the city has said no to me, why should I now say yes,” said Ardizzone, who dressed up like a colonial American and decried the city’s tactics as un-American during the meeting.

Here's a letter from a business owner:

At the Community Board meeting, the members started fighting over what they wanted to build on my land. This is land that has been in my family for years and that I pay taxes on and it is being fought over already? I could not believe what I was witnessing.

I looked around the room as Evan Stavisky, the lobbyist who was hired by the city, schmoozed with the board members trying to sway their thoughts and votes. I saw Claire Shulman, the woman who withheld basic services from Willets Point while she was Borough President, do the same.

I felt helpless and could not believe that these people did not care that we were being thrown off our land due to their long-standing neglect. They just want us out to preserve their legacy.

Facing the threat of losing your business and livelihood due to an eminent domain seizure is cruel. I have worked my entire life to build my nest egg and now it is going to be snatched away. No one at the Community Board meeting seemed to care about all the equity the city was trying to loot away from all the landowners by offering 50 cents on the dollar.

I thought about my father - how he fought in Germany to protect other people’s land. Now here I am fighting my city and country for the land my dad worked hard for to keep his American dream alive. My father died two years ago just as the city started its fifth attempt in 25 years to take our land.

And, of course, Grandma Shulman has weighed in on her blog:

Now in my travels around the borough and talking with our citizens, I have yet to find any significant opposition to this plan with the exception of the businesses on the site.

Everyone wants to get rid of the unsightly mess at Willets. Some Councilmembers and folks have different ideas on what should be developed there but most are negotiable.

Translation: "Evan, we need to throw more money at them."

Meanwhile, the Mets are begging for more tax money...


Anonymous said...

This letter is one of the most elquent statements by an American citizen against a government out of control.

Perfect reading for July 4.

Interesting on how the community preservation groups in Manhattan (and home grown QCC, 4 boros) are ignoring him.


Now if he wanted to put in a bike lane or a 50 story waterfront landgrab, well, ha ha ha, my friend everyone would be wanting his cell phone number.

Anonymous said...

He should send it to the Venezuelan and Iranian UN representatives for publicity and funding to fight this.

This is inexcusable for an American citizen to be treated like this.

letter to queens tribune said...

you are out of touch in your own borough of queens and that says a lot for your paper.its papers like yours that spread " its ok to steal land" approach used by the city. my business along with 70 other land owners have complained for 30 years for streets ,sewers and services, all which we paid enormous amounts of tax $$ for. well we never received it and now the city says were blighted and the lady "Claire Schulman" who you said did a great job in getting this "concept not a plan" to move forward never lifted a finger to help willet's point during her time in office despite promises and studies done to suggest we get them,but to you shes a great lady & to us shes a piece of crap.our rights in this city & country are being destroyed and no one cares that 95% of the people don't want eminent domain & certainly not the way the city is trying to do it." lets profit from our dirty deeds" . shame on you ,shame on claire shulman and shame on chuck apelian & gene kelty for throwing community businesses under the bus so as to benfit off of all your neglect for all these years . now that's a ""legacy"" jerry antonacci

mrs bitterman be ashamed said...

one look at faces of mrs bitterman and her edc friends should tell you what they think of the businesses of willets point & mr ardizone. what a land grab conspiracy this is. mr mogambi is like a priest compared to these people

Christina Wilkinson said...

Interestingly, I sent a press release to every local paper about Newtown Historical's "Eminent Domain Night" at Atlas Park scheduled for next Wednesday, giving them plenty of time to insert it into their community calendars for yesterday's editions.

Not one paper printed it.

Nicky B said...

July 4th and another freedom has been trampled on by an insidious, greedy and outright lying political machine headed up by the Hon. Adolph Bloomberg and the (less than honorable)Claire Leona Schulman. They are forcing out 2000 people (at Willets Point) from their 'sanctaury'. That being their jobs and their sense of security. Have a happy 4th Mr. Mayor and Ms. Shulman in the Hamptons. The rest of us peans will barbecue on our fire escapes! said...

Christina Wilkinson said...
Interestingly, I sent a press release to every local paper about Newtown Historical's "Eminent Domain Night" at Atlas Park scheduled for next Wednesday, giving them plenty of time to insert it into their community calendars for yesterday's editions.

Not one paper printed it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

the willets point boys will be there. eminent domain must be stopped!! enough is enough

billionaireburg & claire said...

everyone should shoot their fireworks up billionaireburgs & old bag shulmans ass while they are sipping wine and eating caviar at the hamptons. have a nice 4th you 2 scu-bags. i hope chucky & gene are with you with their mouths open on their knees.

no soccer stadium said...

10.June 30th,
7:04 pm I want a Soccer Stadium for a NYC Major League Soccer team built there.

— Posted by Kiro
11.July 1st,
8:05 am Now I hope that Wilpon will put a soccer stadium there for the deubt of the NYCFC in MLS by 2011 !!!!!

— Posted by NYCFC
12.July 1st,
12:12 pm Downtown soccer HERE WE COME!!!

— Posted by Felix
like i said wilpons plans to build a soccer stadium we have seen the plans and now its out .when shea comes down the soccer stadium will go up and the willets point land will be a parking lot

jerry rotondi, comm. to save the keith,s said...

it was then deputy beep
Claire Shulman
who lobbied on behalf of boss Manes
at the Board of Estimate hearing in the early 1980s against designating
the entire interior of the historic RKO Keith's Flushing Theater a municipal landmark.

This resulted in the abridging of LPC's original designation which now protects only the ticket lobby and grand foyer and thus paved the way for the sordid scenario that soon followed afterwards.