Friday, July 4, 2008

Brian blames it on booze

At a back booth in a coffee shop in his former Flushing district, McLaughlin politely nudged the conversation toward what he most wanted to talk about: his wife Eva, his family and the life he leads today. He talked about the rewards of returning over the past couple of years to blue-collar work as a sandhog, electrician and limo driver - and about saner hours and spiritual matters, with a backward glance or two at the ruin of his public life.

Former Assemb. McLaughlin pours himself into new life

"In my case alcohol was a factor in some of what I did," he said. With his public roles always keeping him away from home, he said, "you're out of touch with the emotional needs of your wife and family, those that matter the most to you, largely without recognizing it. And unable to recognize it, because every day your work schedule and your personal lifestyle kind of take on a habit and a culture of their own.

He speaks of having moved from one life to another. He suggests his fall from grace might resemble a bit the story of Michael Vick, who'd come up "from the neighborhood" but still hung out with the old group of "knuckleheads."

The next chapter on McLaughlin will be written in federal court, a little more than two months from now.


Anonymous said...

It took Brain and his public relations handlers all this time to come up with the excuse of drinking. I am crying.

The article said "some of the criminal charges" there are not charges he admitted to the crimes in court. This was an attemp to make the judge feel sorry for him and reduce the amount of time he spends in jail. You would hope reporters would reports would re[prt and not be a tool of the guilty and thier lawyer.

Now that the Dolan family from Madison Square Garden owns Newsday where the artilce appeared I sure we will see a new star report for Newsday former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas.

Taxpayer said...

McLaughlin's story should be an inspiration for those of us who never understood that the path to redemption is through a life of crime and treachery to family, fellow workers, voters and youngsters.

So many of us listened to our religious leaders tell us that the path to follow was honesty, loyalty and humility.

McLaughlin for Pope, or Grand Rebbi or Archbishop - even Imam!

Long live our blessed criminals, for they shall lead us to salvation and eternity in heaven!

Anonymous said...

The clique that runs Queens are a bunch of two bit hoods abetted by a muzzeled press and the ability to turn one citizen against another.

This guy, Pinky, Sabini, Leffler, etc etc etc. Tiresome all.

Anonymous said...

Havesi, too!

A pantheon of heros indeed.

Anonymous said...

Meatball heros.

Anonymous said...

Brain and Parkside worked together maybe before he is sent to the big house we will learn is and how much Brian got from Evan.

Anonymous said...

Oh puh-leeze....
it's bad enough when a bigot points his finger at the Irish being a nothing but a race of drunkards.

But Mc Laughlin using it as a
defense for his low life character
traits makes me sick!

Remember Flip Wilson's comedy routine, "The devil made me do it"?

Ah, so apparently it was
the "devil drink" that made this son of the sod behave like the son of a bitch he really is.

You can always count on a crook to
come up with a good alabi!

pinky gallagher said...

my drinking got me into trouble too !

I'm on the wagon now.
(The beer wagon, heh, heh)!