Friday, July 11, 2008

Two serial rapists on the loose in Queens

Police are asking for the public's help as they search for two serial rapists whom they believe have committed at least 10 sexual assaults in Southeast Queens during the past eight months.

Four sexual assaults have been reported in the area since Tuesday morning, and police say the two suspects, who are believed to be acting separately, have been responsible for three of them.

Police Suspect Two Serial Rapists Attacking in Queens


Anonymous said...

This kinda sh** scares the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

Since they're committing crimes, they must be illegals.

Truman Harris said...

That's one way to put it, but we usually call them "criminals".

Queens Crapper said...

Well if you're referring to illegal aliens, then we won't know until they're caught. And when they are, we still won't know, because the police aren't allowed to ask.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not as dangerous, but "Pinky" Gallagher is still on the loose also!

Anonymous said...

Enforce THE FU*KING BORDERS and do away with this sanctuary city BULLSH*t ALREADY!

These Squat Monsters are knocking up all the teen girls...up 5% from last year

Sombody needs to give this upper west side Billionare mayor a good "tuneup" about life in Queens

Anonymous said...

They are probably born and breed Americans, what makes you think we are not immune from generating our own criminals. It always easier to blame other for our own shortcomings

Joe said...

Over 60% of the criminals in Rikers and Upstate are from "south the border"
Over 85% In Texas, Arizona and Los Angelos.

The media just wont report it (profiling)"insensitive to all Latinos" even when it fact !

Im out here in Mattituck righ now there is a roadblock, Mestizo Guats shits in a pickup of bud cans with N Carolina plates hit and run a family of 5,took out a pole and fled into the woods !

They work the fields then spend the whole weekend 3PM Friday to 6 AM Monday 3AM Drinking driving "Loaded" LOOK at all the DWI mugshots in Newsday !
Scroll through 10 pages and do the numbers, the weekend hasent even started.


Anonymous said...

Both Nassau and Suffolk county executives and cops have had HAD IT with Bush Chertoff and the INS!

Law takes effect September Hire or traffic an Illegel GO TO STRAIGHT TO JAIL and they TAKE YOUR CONTRACTOR TRUCK THE SAME AS TRANSPORTING DRUGS !!!

Anonymous said...

do these 2 really look latino to morons. and 60% in rikers are not latino either jerk off-

Anonymous said...

queens crapper typical poster--

if we just get rid the spics,niggers,kikes,russians, polocks,guineas,chinks,and arabs

all will be fine

freaking losers

Julie said...

Actually, I'd rather keep all of them and dump Mayor Bloomberg and his band of dolts.

Anonymous said...

for all you racists out there how about this your probably white hows that for racism. Retards! the fact is that it doesn't matter what race they are-black white or latino, any race is capable of having a few rotten apples who like to commit crimes like rape and murder. The issue at hand is that these individuals need to be stopped. 10 rapes have occured already and i'm sure that at least one person saw something suspicious so that person needs to say somehing. Crime reflects the community it thrives in.

qt said...

So all the crime committed in America is done by Illegals? What kind of retard are you? You sound like an inbred. Take a Valium and and shut up. Better yet, go back to drinking your Bush Kool-Aid and watch Lou Dobbs. Was Ted Bundy an illegal? I didn't think so. All you racist, do the rest of us a favor...Please go play in traffic!!!