Friday, July 11, 2008

Como just keeps crapping along

Hmm, yesterday someone reported yet another violation of a stop work order on Councilman Anthony Como's McMansion at 64-46 82nd Place in Middle Village.
This was taken yesterday at 11:15am. You can see that the gate is open, and the photographer reported seeing at least one guy working on the property.
This comes a day after Como was served with yet another stop work order.
Here's how Anthony feels about the situation.


Anonymous said...

Unsolicted advice from old activist:

1. Organize, taking as many photos and videos with dates and times.

2. Send to Mayor, Commisioner of DOB, Attorney General, and all Media (with cover story and every one cc'd of course). Good Headline could be "Newly Elected Councilman Starts Off Breaking The Law, Couldn't Wait.

This way you put everyone's butt on the Hot Seat.

Anonymous said...

Lose some weight "fat" Tony and you won't need such a big crap castle!

A bull(shit artist) in a china shop!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the people that live near him that have to put up with this injustice.

Anonymous said...

that second photo:


This CM has no class.

Anonymous said...

"Lose some weight "fat" Tony and you won't need such a big crap castle!"

Enough with the fat jokes - very immature.

Maybe he's got bad metabolism.

Anonymous said...

Metabolic problem , my royal ass!

He's just a shady greedy f--k who'll stuff his face or his wallet until he bursts!

The outward evidence of his overeating represents
the political corruption he's
very capable of!

Anonymous said...

my royal ass!

royalty? so you must be in favor of keeping the small guy down. or is your ego as big as his house.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where he's getting all the money for all this work.

It can't be from his salary.

Anonymous said...

You gotta give him this:

his lot is zoned R-4 which means he could've built a multi-family. he didn't, so since he's building a one-family you gotta give him a little credit.

Anonymous said...

"Because he's building a one-family home give him credit".

A credit voucher to break the law?

Anonymous said...

Anthony Como is inarticulate and completely unqualified to hold public office. Someone should tape this guy when he opens his mouth. He doesn't make sense. He constantly uses the wrong words in a sentence, doesn't explain himself or finish a thought. He just strings words together just to hear himself speak. Sorry Anthony, we expect more out of an elected official.

November will come around quickly so enjoy the few months you have remaining in office and try to keep your mouth shut.

Bruno said...

We have Serf Maltese to thank for Como the Bozo. Remember that on election day this November.

Anonymous said...

I guess the 5 or 10 of you that complain about people who have houses bigger than yours don't realize that most people in this area aren't bothered by this. See the special election results for proof . . .

Anonymous said...

"See the special election results for proof . . ."

You apparantly fail to realize that most voters are uninformed or just plain stupid.

That's the reality unfortunately. Time and time again people will vote against their own interests.

To this day I will never understand this.

Anonymous said...

"I guess the 5 or 10 of you that complain about people who have houses bigger than yours don't realize that most people in this area aren't bothered by this. See the special election results for proof . . ."


Anonymous said...

Yes, we DO have Maltese to thank for this moron. Now if only we could get Maltese and Ognibene out of Christ the King PUBLIC High School, we'd be making some progress.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Anthony and I was so proud when a fellow Republican was able to hold on to the seat, considering what happened to our prior councilman. I know he is a freshman in the minority party and will not be able to effect the council in any way, but I still felt he could stand up and speak for our principles. So his first official act as Councilman is to pick a Democratic hack as his chief of staff. What a disappointment. In a city of 9 million people he couldn’t find one capable Republican? If he is going to behave like a democrat why shouldn’t I vote for Elizabeth, at least my community will have representation that is in the majority party and a well-known political name.

Otto said...

Exactly my sentiments. Como picks a total moron loser who worked for Katz as his chief of staff? WTF is this guy thinking? Como the Brainless has sealed his fate. He's making all the wrong decisions already.

Elizabeth is looking better and better.

Anonymous said...

James McClelland, a total loser in the community for quite sometime, became an intern at Melinda Katz's office 4 years ago at the age of 36! She eventually hired him as an aide now the "genius" councilman and overdeveloper Anthony Como hires him as his chief of staff.

Sounds like the hiring practices of Serph Maltese who will hire anyone who will wipe his backside.

Anonymous said...

"Royal ass"
is just a colloquialism...
you horses ass.

It wouldn't hurt you to comb your tail once in awhile either!

The dingle-berries are sticking to your face.