Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two dogs stolen in Bayside

"My friend was just in Staples and began speaking to this gentleman who said his home had been burglarized Saturday night and his two purebred English pointers were stolen. Both are males, unaltered and a year old. Both are black-and-white and they go by the names Patrick and Trouble.

He has contacted Animal Care and Control and local police." - Phyllis


Anonymous said...

You've got to watch what you say
if you've had one too many in a local bar.

Don't boast about your possesions or your dog being better than someone elses.

This was obviously an inside job!

"Patrick & Trouble" and "Monahan's & Donovan's" pubs so conveniently located in Bayside....h-m-m-m....
you never know!

Maybe there's an Irish connection despite the stolen dogs'breed being English.

Anonymous said...

Forget Animal Rescue or the ASPCA.

Check your local Korean BBQ restaurant, or the local Chinese takeout place.

Anonymous said...

It looks like someone has found his dogs: http://www.fidofinder.com/dog.php?id=130181

Anonymous said...

Tastes like chicken . . . really does.

Denis Ruskevich said...

These are my boys if you know where they are or who has them please please let me know - i just want them back 917-969-1122

Anonymous said...

Hi Denis,

I'm sorry about your dogs. I hope you find them.

Jen said...

I just don't understand why anyone would take someones dogs? To poster #1- I always talk about my dogs and how great they are, how is this a reason for someone to take them from me? I don't understand your train of thought. I just hope that that are safe, and to the sicko who has them, I hope this person realizes what a terrible thing they have done, and has the courage to give them back. Remember what goes around comes around.