Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Streets not enough; bikers now want sidewalks

Urban bicyclists frequently ride in a speedy, reckless, and rude manner, posing a danger to everyone around them, not to mention themselves. Since they aren’t subject to licensing, registration, inspection, insurance, and safety regulations, these bicyclists operate in a consequence-free zone.

Pedestrians vs. Cyclists, Battleground: City Hall Park, New York

You toil for years to reopen a beloved pedestrian park in your neighborhood, you lobby politicians and bureaucrats, you even threaten to sue the city, and then – before you’ve had time to fully savor your victory - the city’s Department of Transportation decides to turn the main pathway in the park into a “connecting artery” for bicyclists.

What to do here? Well, it sure doesn’t make any sense to turn City Hall Park into a “connecting artery” for bicyclists. As mentioned above, bicyclists in New York go very fast, and are subject to very few rules and regulations. Just as bicyclists shouldn’t be allowed on sidewalks for fear that they’ll crash into pedestrians, they shouldn’t be allowed on City Hall Park’s pedestrian pathway.


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Anonymous said...

There is something here between these guys and city government.

Funding? Certainly it has to do with development.

Something, because we know that outside of Tweeding and Honest Graft, the machine doesn't give two shits for anything or anyone.

Speculation is welcome.

Anonymous said...

These bike lobbysits are almost as powerful as the Satmars

pnda said...

i can't agree more. cyclist's pose the greatest threat to us normal people's life's in the new york city area.

every day i am sure i will be struck down and killed by a manic cyclist, and their.. up to 20 pound "bicycle" (i call the death machines).

the combined weight of up to 200 lbs,. moving at a blistering 5 - 25 MPH... are surely a scary site.. could you imagine if they weighed a ton, and moved at 25 - 80 MPH! frightening indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a threat those darn bicycles are with there two feet wide bike lanes that drivers in Astoria promise to hit people with their cars on this blog.Almost as pwerful as the Satmars?? Ha ha, no bike rider is as powerful as these real estate folks.These old time residents in Queens with their strange reaction to bike riders sound a lot more like Nebraska residents than they know.How about that dirty air Astoria.This area has the highest asthma problems in the country and the dirtiest air in the country.Mine came back recently after 25 years of no attack.Darn bike lane through a park.Parks and bikes?? What.Charge em 200 dollars to fill up their tank and ride 10-15 miles an hour on those bike death daggers.Its almost as sad as hearing locals in neighborhood bars complain about the Gays moving into Astoria.Uh Oh.Nothing better do to than complain about bike lanes? And i dont like bloomberg at all, or those condos sprouting up.