Saturday, July 12, 2008

Send horse's ass back to the farm

Letter to the Queens Courier:

Bloomberg for Governor? I think not! Michael Bloomberg has turned the city over to the developers and has given them Carte Blanche to do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter what they want to build, or where or even what it looks like compared to the buildings around it.

Last time I checked they used to call that block-busting - build one and the other people will leave. Maybe they are not on your block yet Fred, but look around you; they are coming to your neighborhood soon.

The building department seems to be there to protect the interests of developers, not the interests of the people who live in and around the buildings. Bloomberg must see himself as a present day Robert Moses.

He’s going to the U.S. Supreme Court to exercise the powers of eminent domain to drive people out of their homes in downtown Brooklyn because he thinks a sports complex is essential to the vitality of the city. Then there is the Willets Point redevelopment project. They want to Manhattanize the borough of Queens with a 700-room hotel.

Finally, there was the congestion-pricing plan. If he stopped some of the building maybe the city wouldn’t be so congested. Thank God for term limits! The only thing Bloomberg should run for is his farm in bucolic Connecticut.

Charles McKenna


Anonymous said...

Great letter!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great concept - let's stop building in New York City. Genius. Will you complainers please move to some rural area already?!

Anonymous said...

"Great concept - let's stop building in New York City. Genius. Will you complainers please move to some rural area already?!"

I take it you work for bloomie.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous # 3 doesn't WORK for Bloomie; he Lapdances for him.

Notice that the farm in Connecticut is not a funny farm. This humorless Stalinist only laughs when he's amused by his destruction of Little People.

Anonymous said...

good one.

Anonymous said...

Great letter, Anonymous 2 Moderation is the key, Have you ever asked yourself why does the department of city planning exist, if they plan nothing.Multi housing units are replacing two family homs, one family homs are replaced by Mc Mansions without any thought given to the city infrastructure,flooding concerns, schools and services. What happened to checks and balances? The rules are on the books but for a price they can be circumvented.
We live in close proximity to the Saint John's dorm being built in Jamaica Estates and it pains me to see our lovely community raped. How is it possible that a building of this magnitude is allowed to go up, even with the community facilities loophole protection, when it does not have an approved sewer plan? Your average homeowner's project would never be allowed to proceed but if you have the money to pay off inspectors you can do anything. The sad reality is that in the end tax payers will get stuck with the sewer bill upgrade , and the SJU which pays little or no taxes will keep their amazing profits.
Demand that your city council representative represent their constituents interests.

Anonymous said...

"Demand that your city council representative represent their constituents interests."

I think it goes even beyond the CM. Even they can't do anything. We got totally dooped with this administration.

Anonymous said...

Mr. McKenna, you are sooooo right. Politicians, especially very rich politicians, morph into self proclaimed brilliant pioneers and moulders of society.What blustering egos!
Thank God for term limits or we would have Bloomberg and Schulman for eternity...WOW!

Anonymous said...


jerry "hangman" rotondi said...

How about featuring a Bloomberg countdown clock on "Queens Crap".

How many days left 'til the swinging door of politics kicks
"hizzoner" out of city hall?

Maybe we should offer him an early buy out plan!

Wadda ya say "Crapper"?

jerry "hangman" rotondi said...


What have you got to say now
Commissioner/caterer Parvizi regarding this latest expression of my first amendment protected opinion of your boss?