Saturday, July 12, 2008

Curbside moneymakers

A Fine Blog asks "Who Needs A Million Trees When You Can Have A Million Muni-Meters?"
Indeed. Muni-meters make money for the city directly. Street trees raise money for the city indirectly by raising property values which in turn increases property tax revenue. However, street trees now cost homeowners money directly, because the city now expects them to pay for the upkeep of the trees.


Anonymous said...

I was walking on Hemlock ST. in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn last week and I was shocked to see that someone had poured cement all around the trunks of at least a dozen majestic mature trees. In short period of time the trees will die as they can not possibly receive enough water to survive. The city should investigate the culprit. Let's save existing trees!

Ant said...

It's not enough we let them plant these shade trees on sidewalks in front of our homes the City expects taxpaying citizens to have to water and mulch these things just because of the aesthetic, social and natural benefits they provide.


Queens Crapper said...

With all due respect, Ant, this is supposed to be the Parks Department's job.

Anonymous said...

Muni-meters are trees!