Friday, July 18, 2008

Parks installs stupid signs

New signs in city parks warn about blistering temperatures synthetic turf fields can hit on a sizzling summer day - but Brooklyn parents charged they don't spell out the danger.

Park signs give only tepid warning on hot synthetic turf

The signs, set to go up at every synthetic turf field around the city, state: "This field can get hot on warm, sunny days." After a laundry list of heat related guidelines the signs say, "seek medical attention if you do not feel better."

Parents picking up their children from soccer camp were not aware of the two signs flanking the entrance to the park.

"Oy g'valt" said Deborah Iarussi when she heard of the scorching temperatures. "The signs are clearly not enough because I didn't even notice them."

"The fields are hot and dangerous. You can put up all the signs you want but signs can't take the place of poor public policy" said New York City Parks Advocates President Geoffrey Croft.


Taxpayer said...

Commissar Death and Taxes is determined to spend nearly $200 Million to install this dangerous, lethal artificial turf. Large expenditures yield large kickbacks.

As for the dangers - even fatal - to children, get a lawyer. Sue. Taxpayers will pick up the tab and Commissar Death and Taxes will be in Bermuda with ________.

TaxpayingDad said...

Why can't we get real grass? Don't we deserve something that gives back fresh air and gives the rain a place to re-enter the earth? Is it me or are we paying extra for an imitation product that is unhealthy? Who is the jackass who decided to spend my money like that? I dare him or her to post here telling us why!!!!