Friday, July 18, 2008

Fake community gets fake grass

The ongoing Queens West Development project in Long Island City got a little bit greener last week.

New Recreation Space Opens At Queens West

On July 7, developers at the state-owned mixed-use site quietly opened a 1.1-acre recreation space at the corner of 5th Street and 47th Avenue, complete with a field for baseball, football or soccer, as well as a rubber running track.

However, those in L.I.C. waiting for a chance to lounge in the soft, green grass with a good book, think again. The grass here is artificial turf, exclusively for playing ball.


Anonymous said...

I walked around this community during the July 4 weekend.

An absolutely dead fake place with no vitality or any of the street scenes that make a healthy envirnment. Almost all of the new residents look like kids FOB (Fresh off the Bus)

So what if they get one of this and one of that? Like Roosevelt Island, the one of this and one of that will be overpriced and second rate.

hmmm, come to think of it, that would fit nicely with Queens West.

Anonymous said...

Yes, massive buildings that have almost no relation to the streetscape will make this a series of self-contained islands that have almost no interface with the community.

They made every mistake in the book. Real 1970s planning.

Anonymous said...

Almost all of the new residents look like kids FOB (Fresh off the Bus)

Well, I think that is the purpose of Queens West, like the rest of the boro, a place for transients with no interest or respect for the real Queens that we grew up in.

Instead of IMmigrant, it is for the EMmigrant (well there is that UN contingent)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the new schools that are being built here and when people in the rest of the borough discover that their taxes will be used to finance people that have not only jumped the line, but look down on them.

Wait a minute ... this IS Queens ... so there is no problem, they will be passive and say nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, more artificial turf! I hope their condo contracts come with disclaimers about it. Kind of like the Parks signs in the other post Crappy put up today.

Anonymous said...

A word of advice was once whispered into Dustin Hoffman's ear in the movie "The Graduate"...."PLASTIC"!

Maybe plastic slip covers will make a big comeback in this artificial world we're calling home!


PLASTIC, siding, fences, replacement windows and turf

Taxpayer said...

"The grass here is artificial turf, exclusively for playing ball."

Certainly not for anyone's health. Certainly not for small wildlife: birds, squirrels, etc. Certainly not for any natural life. Certainly not for infants and children.

But, hey! That's how Commissar Death and Taxes views the Little People: Far too stupid to demand a safe, natural setting. So, "park" users get to see their taxes go to purchase lethal products so that the Commissar and Lackey Benepe and his own Lackey Lewandowski can profit from the kickbacks.

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty condecending to call it a fake community. Many people live and work and raise families here. What give you the right to call it fake? That's pretty rude. Just because it not your cup of tea is it okay to casualy dismiss thousands of hard working New Yorkers as "fake"? You don't like the development, then say that, but I find your characterization of the people offensive.

Anonymous said...

why is it fake, because doesnt support your archiebunker hate anyone under 60 mentality?

we work,
we pay taxes
we are close to the office and home
our children have a good elementary school with more planned
we have parks, businesses are coming.
we are close to our extended families and values continue to rise unlike the remainder of queens and despite your wishes to the contrary. oh, by the way, when was the last time you heard anyone say "i want to live in middle village", hah

oh,i get it, in your world, maspeth is in. get over it

Julie said...

A house in Middle Village can go for as much as the dopey condos and shared space you folks live in. I'd rather take a walk on the grass fields at Juniper than die of dehydration on a fake field along the waterfront.

Anonymous said...

"our children have a good elementary school with more planned"

Because only those from the stroller set need apply. Where they going to high school? I can't wait to hear this answer.

Anonymous said...

Why did you get a school before the thousands of established NYC neighborhoods that have kids learning in trailers and in gyms?

Anonymous said...

So how does it feel to know that your precious darlings will be playing on cancer causing plastic and rubber grass while mine will be enjoying the real thing? And I'm a Middle Village renter, the lowest form of life on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Only the best for Queens West.

Dr. Ben Dover said...

Coming soon to Queens West:

A full-service cancer center* offering chemotherapy, radiation and a staff of oncologists to serve all of your needs. Conveniently located right across the street from this lovely playing field.

*Also offering free staph infection treatment to the first 100 patients.

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty condecending to call it a fake community.


Sorry, but it is. Walk around - do you see diversity in shopping and people? No! Parking garage entrances, blank walls, long stretches of nothing.

You don't know the first thing about the real NY. Your community is in the middle of nowhere with not a hint of the street vitality that makes NY legendary.

Face it. Your community is an artifical creation for those that cannot find a place on Manhattan.

And wait til you see what your absentee landlord neighbor puts in their apartment.


You will WISH it was Archie Bunker.

Anonymous said...

Now, now. Just because residential LIC looks like an office park in Omaha, Nebraska where some of these folks no doubt came from doesn't mean it's not a real NYC neighborhood (heh, heh).

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how these types get upset when they feel there is condescension happening toward them, yet they never seem to care about how the use of the term "Archie Bunker" is condescending towards the locals outside of their little insular world?

Anonymous said...

When we get finished, this blog will do to 'Archie Bunker' what Black Liberation did to Step n Fetchet, Sambo, and Amos n Andy.

Something the polticians and cultural elite in Queens (as they are) should have done 35 years ago.

Anonymous said...

hey julie, you must have missed the link that mr crapper posted on the new cultural events for your family at Juniper park, wow, you are right, middle village is real, really freakin dangerous

“Little Mark the Spark from Juniper Park” and “Brian the Abductor.”

Julie said...

As you can see by the newspaper article and the post here, in Middle Village that kind of thing is frowned upon. In LIC, gangs of yuppies roving through the street puking between PS1 and Water Taxi Beach is considered cute and is blogged about like it's a great thing.

Anonymous said...

According to the residents of this blog, any area where the pre-dominant profession isn't auto body repair, where the women arent sunburnt fat ms. piggies with over blowdried hair, and where there aren't Italian or Irish flags waving in the air isnt a "real community".

Julie said...

Actually, in Maspeth and Middle Village, white-collar jobs are predominant (M train goes right through the financial district) and the flag flying on most houses is American, which you never seem to find down by the river. Thanks for proving that the residents of Queens West are the real racist, classist, anti-diversity assholes in the borough.

Anthony said...

What an asshole. Maybe this asswipe should thank the laborer who built their luxury condo instead of looking down his/her nose at them. What, we're good enough to build your house but not good enough to visit? My mother would have slapped my face if I insinuated I was better than someone else because of where I lived.

Queens Crapper said...

"According to the residents of this blog"

How does one reside in a blog? When you live in a fake community you must start to think of the world differently.

CJ said...

According to the residents of this blog, any area where the pre-dominant profession isn't auto body repair, where the women arent sunburnt fat ms. piggies with over blowdried hair, and where there aren't Italian or Irish flags waving in the air isnt a "real community".

Who’s arrogant here? I have been a technician working with my hands for many years. I am very good at it and I am at the top of my profession. My mother came here from a farm in Ireland and washed someone else’s clothes and took care of their children for most of her life and was glad to so because she considered it honest work. She made sure that her children received a good education at great personal cost to herself. I am very proud of my Irish heritage on both sides of my family. That being said, I am even more proud to be an American, and make sure that is my country’s flag that is displayed every day at my house. We paid dearly for the right.

Do you have any idea why the people you talk down to despise you? It was left to people such as these to risk their lives and what little else they had when our country needed them while your people bought their way out. You are the ones that talk about unimpeded immigration in order to fill the jobs that Americans don’t want but the truth is that you (and people like you) wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything approaching manual labor. You are better than that. When your car is in need of repairs, you seek the help of the unwashed masses because you don’t know the difference between a carburetor and a condenser. And who cares as long as there is plenty of cheap labor out there for you to choose from. Who is the racist here?

You add no value to your community because you are insulated from your neighbors and you like it that way. Your neighbors are angry because they are watching their life’s investment being trashed by outside interests that care not a wit for the community or it’s inhabitants. They no longer feel they have a voice in government because it has been
co-opted by corrupted politicians and their moneyed supporters. And unless that changes soon, they will respond in a way that matches their desperation. Do you or your family want to be on the receiving end of that fury?

And who are you to disparage women? What kind of low class trash are you anyway? Do you have a wife of a daughter? And would you like to have them referred to in such a manner?

There you have it. You typed 45 words and yet I learned more about you than I care to know. Arrogant, smug, chauvinistic and out of touch.

BTW, I don’t over blow my hair and I keep myself in good shape. Let’s see how well you do at my age. If you make it that far.