Monday, July 7, 2008

An ounce of prevention goes a long way

With New York City parks plagued by barren weed-strewn areas that are nesting grounds for crime, the Bloomberg administration is planning more than 400 projects to clean up green space.

But the price is steep -- more than $1.3 billion that the city is set to borrow in the coming years to fix neglected parks and build new ones.

And critics say much of the spending could have been avoided if parks had been regularly maintained.


Trash And A Tombstone Litter No-Man's Land

NYC Park Improvement Projects In Construction Or Design Phase


I'm Watching said...

Yet another reason for them to raise our already too-high taxes...

How about having minimum security prisoners from the area do it as a community service on a chain gang? Add it to the list of places served by community service!

They keep raising the water prices to cover those that don't pay their bills and now they want more and more money to fix parks that should have been maintained in the first place.... How about having the criminals (some of which probably caused at least some of the problem here) fix & maintain it for free....

Make them earn the food and shelter that they are required to have but shouldn't be getting for free.

Anonymous said...

Always massive CONSTRUCTION projects. What is wrong with a passive park being maintained?

No koncrete kickbacks?

And note the brownfields in Staten Island, unlike Queens, are becoming PARKS, not residences (I know I know the Queens sites are being built for third world types who will be happy but for heavens sake they are human beings raising their families on a Love Canal)

And observe all that wasted real estate in Manahttan that will be undeveloped where there will be an EAST RIVER PARK!!!