Monday, July 7, 2008

Councilman Como, the compulsive crapper

Hey, remember that stop work order that Councilman Anthony Como got hit with? Of course you do, it just happened last Monday. Well, he apparently has no intention of abiding by the edict, because the very next day, on July 1st, he got caught disobeying it.
Also hasn't paid his fines.
And he apparently sent workers out there again today.
Since SWOs are now punishable by arrest, it's entirely possible that we may see two District 30 councilmen in handcuffs in the span of less than a year!


Anonymous said...

Oh man this guy is in trouble.

Good work crappy.

Anonymous said...

NO way DA Brown will look the other way like he does for all elected officials. He made a deal with Dennis after DOI handed him the smoking gun.

Reember the Republicans endorsed Brown and no dem challenged him in a primary.

Taxpayer said...

And this "lawbreaking" "lawmaker" says that "I was brought up by my family, and in politics, to believe that your word means something, and your handshake means something,".

Sounds like Gallagher's claim to be a "family man".

He took an oath to upgold the law. I guess he was just funnin' us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crappy,
Call his office and ask his staff why they are still doing work even with a SWO. See if they have the answer.

I'm Watching said...

Keep following up, Crappy. Will be interesting to see how this goes.

All the people I've called the DOB on for violating stop work orders never got into trouble - inspectors claimed that no work was going on at the time and no violation was issued.

Of course, if you show up 5 hours after the call or even 3 days... Of course they're not working.

Keep us posted. DOB looking the other way is going a long way to crap-i-fy Queens. :(

Anonymous said...

Check the site. He already had the stop work order removed! Who did he pay off for that one! That was fast.

Anonymous said...

yeah you know you are supposed to go down to DOB at borough hall and submit a plan for how you will correct the condition, not violate the order and have the inspector lift it when he shows up!

Justin DeShitzo said...

Hey Anthony, lift up your chin so I can wipe the sweat underneath. Did I hear Serph call me? Gotta run...

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Don't worry, Anthony. I'll have my connections at DOB take care of this for you, if they haven't been indicted yet.

I told you Anthony, watch the bricks. WATCH THE BRICKS!!

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise. Perhaps voters in DC 30 need Dr. Phil to explain it to them.

Anonymous said...

Wadda youse guys expect?

"Don Ciccio" Tony "triple chin" has got to have his "palazzo stu cazzo" completed in time for the big yuletide "festa" so he and la famiglia can all put on a big holiday feed!

We've been told that he already had all his trousers fitted with elastic waistbands to allow for his ever increasing girth!

From Pinky to an overfed goombah
isn't much of an improvement!

78th Ave should be oneway said...

"From Pinky to an overfed goombah isn't much of an improvement!"

Believe it or not, Como is MUCH worse than Gallagher. At least Dennis HAD brains. Como was tutored by Maltese who has only started to work after the Baldeo election scare. Maltese has built a career out of not working in the district. He covers it up by sending everyone signed birthday greetings. He plays the electorate for fools.

Como sees that it has worked for Maltese and we will get more inaction from him. I'd say vote him out and go for Elizabeth Crowley in the fall. She may surprise everyone. We know what we have in Como, a dumber Gallagher.

Como actually has the balls to hire Galalgher's staff and the same corrupt players are hanging around his office (which is the same one Gallagher used).

Truman Harris said...

What does this one use the granny rape room for?

Anonymous said...

hey crappy:

how about some more pictures of como's palazzo.

i'm really interested in seeing what this guy's mcmansion looks like.

Fed up with Maltese said...

I'm not surprised to see that Mr. Como is somehow hooked up with Maltese and is building a large oversized house while violating the law.

The only thing worse than Maltese is his staff. You can be a lazy politician but if you have a good staff around you, you can appear to be working.

Unfortunately Maltese has a horrendous staff that is totally clueless. I called them several times during the past two years on illegal construction in the neighborhood and most recently when a neighbor was doing illegal work on the property behind me. Needless to say it was like talking to the wall. They never once called me back to report on progress or the lack thereof.

I'm voting for Maltese's opponent. He or she can't be much worse.