Saturday, July 5, 2008

More on Springfield Gardens nightmare

Rent Stabilized Complex consisting of 28 two-family buildings with 56 units now being subdivided into a real nightmare for Ground Floor Residents!!

This has to be the worst so called SUBDIVISION managed garden apartment complex in Queens!!!

Since spring of 2007 all safety and privacy rules have been axed. With no common management and multiple owners would this still be called a COMPLEX??

DOB violations for demolishing community garages without a permit and creating illegal parking lots. Can this be fixed?

Imagine yourself as a ground floor resident in this situation. Cars coming and going while children play, cookouts etc. Did I mention that there is a locked gate to prevent access, for resident security? Owners of certain buildings have keys and access from their basements to rear community yard which had been plowed down, removing every tree and bush, leaving the yards as you see them here. Notice that a back yard has been fenced off by one owner. Makes you think twice about the housing prospects of Queens. What are they thinking???? - anonymous

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