Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ice cream war in Maspeth

Responding to a concerned phone call, the Queens Chronicle accompanied Price and his muscle-bound driver on their route through Maspeth last Friday. The reporter witnessed the harassment first hand.

Exposing The Harder Side Of Soft Serve Ice Cream

Although most of the afternoon was uneventful, around 4 p.m. the Mister Softee truck spotted Price and immediately pulled over. The driver was seen dialing a cell phone.

A few moments later, the Mister Softee driver approached Price’s Kool Man truck.

“What are you doing over here,” the driver asked aggressively. “This is my route.”

Price’s hired driver replied he wasn’t interested in the conversation.

“You don’t need to talk to me?” the Mister Softee driver said angrily. “You’ll be talking to my boss then.”

In these situations, Price explained, that “boss” often shows up in a green minivan to further harass him.


georgetheatheist said...

Kool Man or Mister Softee. It doesn't matter, folks. If you are sick of listening to their annoying jingles call 311 with the license plate number and time of occurrence. Believe me it works. I called 311 on Mister S about 10 days ago with this info and the agency in charge, the Dept. of Environmental Protection, nabbed the vendor and issued him a $1000 fine. Here's the rule: the trucks can only play the jingles while in motion. Once parked, the racket must be turned off. My Woodside neighborhood is decidedly quieter now.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you called 311 on Mister Softee... OMG do you have anything better to do! You must be one miserable individual. And you live in Woodside, hardly a quiet a neighborhood.

Fred said...

Parts of Woodside are very quiet, so you don't know what you're talking about.

Queens Crapper said...

Catch them if you can …

With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, I am under the assumption that you passed a law restricting these Mr. Softee trucks from continuously playing their music, once they have stopped at a destination.

I have contacted the 109th Precinct, and they reassured me that this was a violation of the noise pollution laws in the city. They further said they would do whatever they can to issue them a summons, “if they catch them.” I went as far as to get the license number on the truck.

These trucks have continued to totally disregard the law, and the warnings, given them. It drives us all crazy, and speaking with the drivers gets us a “laugh in the face response.” How brazen is that?

Carolyn Halley

Queens Crapper said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that was in the Queens Courier.

Anonymous said...

The "boss" and "route" thing is referring to our local mob element that just will not die.
Yes, the mob is still alive and well and yes, they are even involved in ice cream trucks.

georgetheatheist said...

Yes, I am a miserable individual. And I have nothing better to do. I tail the ice cream trucks with tape recorder and camera. Gleefully.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says

George is a bitter man - and it shows miserably, either he is too ugly to get a wife or the wife was barren.

Have a nice life chasing those truck.... HAHHAAH

Anonymous said...

better watch out georgieboy- someone might be tailing you with a video camera

you just neveeerrr know - now do yaa!!!

god only knows what they will video tape you doing.

Anonymous said...

Weren't there some "Mister Softee" truck drivers arrested for dealing hard drugs in certain areas of Queens recently?

It gives a whole new meaning to
that driver's reply, "this is my route"!