Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DEP negligence leads to Bklyn flooding

After the heavy rains on Saturday afternoon around three feet of rain collected on a section of Carroll Street, causing thousands of dollars in damages to a business and flooding several basements. The flooding was blamed on malfunctioning catch basins next to two developments that caused rainwater to cross 4th avenue and settle on the western corner of Carroll.

Over the Weekend, a Flood on Carroll Street


Taxpayer said...

And where is Nazli Parvizi and her Brooklyn staff when we need her so badly?

TaxpayingDad said...

The areas in the city that have poor drainage systems are well known and should surprise no one. This is just another opportunity for the city to come up with a load of excuses and again not do anything to correct the problem. If a local politician or their mom lived on the affected block it would be fixed, I'd bet on it. Go ahead NYC prove me wrong!