Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DOB violates its own C of O

Some genius figured out how to fix the horribly Rube Goldberg-esque machine that is the New York City Department of Buildings. Their solution was to consolidate a half-dozen or so divisional tasks (Data Entry, miscellaneous Data Entry (don't ask), permitting, cashiers, etc...) and to create a new breed of Uber-clerks that do everything.

The Department of...You've Got To Be Shitting Me.

By my estimate the line these days exceeds 150 people, possibly closer to 200, and literally stretches to the commissioners' office door. It seems that some of the frustrated people that frequent the Manhattan DOB noticed that the temporary certificate of occupancy they run for this building, they being the Department of City Wide Administrative Services, only allows for 180 people on the floor. It also seems they registered complaints with the FD who were on the 3rd floor 3 times last week; word on the street is that the FD issued violations for over-occupying the floor. The actual number of occupants on the floor on a typical day is probably closer to double--if not more--than what the legal occupant load is.

This great link came courtesy of Curbed.


Taxpayer said...

And why not violate the law? Who in the building has a life worth protecting? Who can force the Commissar to obey the law?

Wealthy developers don't stand in lines. They send their "Little People" to do that.

Besides, which is a more thrilling headline: 150 people crushed to death by Commissioner escaping fire, or 450 crushed by Commissioner?

Commissar Death and Taxes is not just simply boring; he's bored. He thrives on death and destruction - of others - less powerful - un-Soviets. "Little People" are needed to die for this grotesque monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

Not since the days of the "49ers" have we seen such a mad rush to the (real estate) gold fields in order to reap quick riches via the massive over development that's crippling New York City!

This is the root cause of all the chaos that's going on within every borough.

Over development encourages law breaking, even at the DOB, and is directly responsible for raining destruction and death upon innocent bystanders walking past construction sites.

Anything from long lines at the
dubious DOB, to the ruination of once viable neighborhoods, falling debris from buildings to crane collapses....this is the bitter fruit of overbuilding.

To hell with our inadequate infrastructure in the process!

Bloomberg has no desire to put the brakes on this brand of out of control lawlessness.

Until we see his ass walk out the door of city hall, we can expect no change, just his some more of his pompous empty rhetoric.