Friday, June 20, 2008

Two Willets Point businesses sell to city

Two Willets Point businesses have decided to sell to the city:

City Makes First Buyouts at Willets Point

But the eminent domain prospect isn't going away, either. And there's no guarantee of affordable housing. Three councilmembers want more information.


Joe said...

Sad..What a shame. Those brothers had 2 of the best junkyards in the city.
Relocate to where Ohio ?

Once the junkyards are all gone a cracked turn signal lens or lost wheel cap will run you $40-$200 at the dealor.
...Thats IF they even have it !!

Option #2
Drive to the Bronx or 50 miles to Medford.

This idiot billionare Mayor from Boston and his posse should be hung for murdering Queens.
He's compleatly lost touch with the working middle class.

Anonymous said...

All those new "bomb shelter" buildings with no windows, chop shop and auto thief’s must be licking there whiskers right now.

Auto theft is going to sky rocket

Anonymous said...

ampaign has been running in the Queens weekly newspapers to alert residents that the Borough’s road traffic and public transportation congestion will be made worse if the City redevelops Willets Point.

The purpose of the ads is to raise awareness about the additional congestion on the roads and on public transportation if Willets Point is redeveloped the way Mayor Bloomberg proposes. The three billion dollar redevelopment plan calls for one million square feet of high-rise office buildings, residential housing for up to 20,000 residents and a 700-room hotel and a convention center. If the City is successful in replacing the existing businesses in Willets Point, the already crowded streets and highways in Queens will have more traffic and there will be more people on the already overcrowded subways and buses. The City has no plans to address the impact on traffic and transit congestion in the Borough and its own reports predict the looming traffic nightmare.

The City’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) points out, “The substantial increases on the Van Wyck Expressway in both directions would be due to traffic entering from and exiting to the new access ramps connecting the highway to the Willets Point Development District.” It goes on to say, “The congestion on the Van Wyck Expressway would in turn worsen levels of service on the ramps that provide access to and from the mainline.”

CONTACT Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and Queens Community Board 7 and urge them to vote down the Willets Point redevelopment plan!



stop the abuse at the point said...

want to make a stand ? show up monday 6/23 @ 7pm to 32-23 union street and whatch the community board cave to the parkside group & claire shulman . the final vote is 6/30 @ 7pm everyone should show up and voice their opinion & tell these mogombi politicans no at willets point enough is enough stand up now because you will be next