Thursday, June 5, 2008

Suggestion for Flushing triangle

Here's another unused piece of city-owned land that can easily be transformed into a Greenstreets Park. It is located on Parsons Boulevard and 45th Avenue, across the street from Flushing Hospital. As Flushing continues to develop, the need for more parkland is becoming greater as well.

-Sergey Kadinsky


Anonymous said...

Volunteers Belle Schoenholtz and Mary Gallant took care of that space for years. It had been a mess before they cleaned it and planted flowers, shrubs and trees there. The Parks Department should now step in and make it part of the Greenstreets Program and perhaps name it after those two fine old ladies. Mary-Belle Park.

Anonymous said...

Mary and Belle were known as the "Down to Earth Beautifiers".

Ant said...

They meant the white crossed section of the street bed because the area right behind it is already under Park's jurisdiction.
It isn't easy to dig that up. DOT has to sign off on it.
The sidewalks all around the adjacent blocks are a different story. There are opportunities there, but without a strong push by the community or individual property owners requesting the trees, they won't be planted.

Anonymous said...

The biggest property owner in the above photo is Flushing Hospital. Imagine the number of sidewalk trees that could be planted in their block alone!

Anonymous said...

Erect a public gallows reserved exclusively for crooked politicians
and a pillory for pseudo (corrupt)"community leaders"!

A hanging tree would offer a "greener"alternative solution
(heh, heh) if you prefer .