Monday, June 2, 2008

Queens reporting 50 years ago

Crappy was doing some remodeling this weekend on the new digs and found some old newspaper pages underneath many layers of floor covering. This is what was happening in Queens in September 1958 as reported by the Daily News.

I can't imagine why the nurse and the wife were upset...

Civic Queen of Queens? Was there a swimsuit competition?


ew-3 said...

Kind of refreshing to read an article from back then. It's packed with detail after detail. You can tell it was written by someone who understood journalism was about informing people.
Very old school.

Taxpayer said...

Now imagine someone in 2058 finding a newspaper used to wrap today's dog poop.

Now imagine that through the smear, the name "Queens Ledge" can be made out.

Then, imagine reading the endorsement of Como & Crowley, but knowing that those two lost miserably.

Then, imagine the future readers remembering that the oldsters in 2008 used to laugh at the moron who "published" the "Ledge" (as it was known) and who finally gave it up in late 2008.

He was quoted back then as saying that "spell check" took the fun out of publishing. And the incessant demand for facts finally became a burden too great.

Yes, he'd be the one dispatching taxis to the wrong addresses. But, it IS a living.