Monday, June 2, 2008

Greenpoint-Williamsburg duped on parks promise

Three years ago, city officials promised to deliver Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents the new parkland while pushing through a controversial rezoning plan to bring high-rise housing to their waterfront.

But today, while much of an anticipated 10,000 units of new condos and apartments are up or in the works, hardly any of the pledged open space has yet to be delivered to the former industrial area – or is even under construction.



Anonymous said...

Gee, what has the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance have to say about this?

Well, Carter, we are listen'.

Anonymous said...

Umm... is that not the group spawned by the Muni Art Society, the same organization that gave us Hist Dist Council, etc?

They have never stood up to developers.

Its not Manhattan - so that dont care.

Next question?

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a cautionary tale for all of you.

IF you are stupid enough to agree to something with a developer (and it will be encouraged by your politician, midwifed by you community board, and cheered by your local newspaper) insist that the infrastructure and community benefit goes in first.

If they howl, then f*k 'em. If you can wait, then they can wait. Rememeber, the city exists for you and not them.

The bastards.

Anonymous said...

Yet another exmaple of how the mainline preservation community exists only for the upper classes.

They could have come in and helped. Certainly they can come in and complain.

But they remain silent.

The bastards.

Anonymous said...

Correction, mainline preservation community supported by your taxes.

Anonymous said...

One thing I find disturbing about those waterfront groups: they seeem to have close ties to developers and politicians.

Someone should look into this. Are they their for the communities, or just shills for new development projects.

Snoop Dopey Dope said...


Anonymous said...

Waterfront property is extremely valuable.

So much so that a developer isn't going to forfeit bigger building footprints for the creation of any public parkland!

And did you easily duped community activist/clowns really think that a group like the Municipal Arts Society really gives a flying f--k about what happens on the other side of the East River?

Well, if your that naive...
you're check is in the mail
and I promise not to ---- in your mouth!