Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mike: DOB corruption inevitable

The city will come down hard on Department of Buildings employees who violate the law, but natural incentives for buildings inspectors to accept bribes could make the fight against corruption an uphill climb, Mayor Bloomberg said.

"Sadly, when you have inspectors that don't get paid a lot, perhaps, and dealing with jobs where the inspection process and results of it could have bad economic consequences for them, the temptation to give and the temptation to receive bribes sometimes is more than it should be," Mr. Bloomberg said yesterday at a press conference in the Bronx. "I think it is a very big problem, but I don't think it is very prevalent."

Mayor: City Will Punish Bribe-Takers


jerry rotondi said...

As I've already publicly suggested to a high level DOB rep and their attorney during a Q & A period at a Queens civic association meeting:

POLYGRAPH YOUR INSPECTORS like they do in the security field !

I guess I'll have to send a certified/return receipt letter to
to "hizzoner" and see if he'll pick up on my good idea.

Obviously DOB brushed my suggestion for improvement aside in favor of doing "business as usual"!

DOB CORRUPTION greases the already well oiled crime ridden NYC real estate/building industry.

Anonymous said...

Pull your head out of your ass
once in awhile Mayor Midget!
You're in love with the smell of
your own fecal matter!

Another day passes and another DOB inspector gets called out for accepting a bribe!

And you think this common practice
"isn't very prevalent"?

In the early 1990s 14 DOB inspectors were arrested by DOI for taking bribes!

9 were from Queens!

That's why we were left with a shortage of "honest" (?) inspectors.

Then Giuliani went along with our
present abysmal
"self certification" system in an effort to streamline
the building approval process.

It seems you can't win for trying!

Anonymous said...

"I think it is a very big problem, but I don't think it is very prevalent."

What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right.

Part of the employment incentive package offered to future DOB inspectors (provided they don't get caught) is the ability for them to supplement their low salaries with the great opportunity for accepting bribes.

Is that the way it goes Mayor Dumb-berg"?

Anonymous said...

And corrupt pols are an inevitable part of life in NYC and we should learn to accept that also I suppose?

Let DOI or the FBI step on a few of their heads (like "Pinky" Gallagher, Brian Mc Laughlin, etc.) and you'll see that's not exactly so!

Taxpayer said...

Under Commissar Death, bribery is, indeed, inevitable.

Commissar Death has far more important matters to attend to: Wine & cheese parties at the Museum with the very developers who do the bribing (but, to the Commissar, first).

And, press conferences to sneer at the people who he killed for profit.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when our Mayor started the 311 system? He stated that it would be a good tool for him to evaluate the agencies' proformance. Guess he forgot that part and has given us nothing but statistics (i.e. how many noise, dogs barking, etc. complaints).

Now that should keep our dogs honest.