Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Legos are reportedly next...

Urbanite has proof that the average person can make a better looking building with an erector set than a well-known architect can with building materials.


Anonymous said...

I hope that little "finocchio" don's nephew, Bobby"the hairpiece" Scarano is paying some close attention to all of this!

If you promise to stop building
in NYC, the new deluxe set of "Legos" are on me!

Go and move out to Vegas, in the desert somewhere!

Anonymous said...

"Urbanite has proof that the average person can make a better looking building with an erector set than a well-known architect can with building materials."

Because building a building with an erector set, does not need to accomadate little unimportant things such as plumbing, electrical wires, and oh yeah..people. And correct me if I am wrong, Steel and concrete is a little more expensive than erector set pieces.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but they used to construct great looking buildings in this city that contained plumbing, electrical wires, and oh, yeah...people. Now they build cheap crap out of inferior materials.

Anonymous said...


We know how "expensive" pouring concrete can become after "yoose guys" take your cut off the top .

Anonymous said...

We're taking about an ugly building's exterior body not the internal plumbing.

You sure you're wired right fella?

Brian Mc Laughlin's "electricians" didn't lay out your circuits did they?

Anonymous said...

Back then, materials were cheaper, as was labor. It is a lot more expensive to build a building like the chrysler building rather than to build it with glass. The previous poster refering to "yoose" guys proves my point.

My circuits are just fine thank you.

Anonymous said...

So what....the value of the dollar is relative to the economy of the particular historical period
being discussed at the moment.

Back when the Chrysler building went up milk probably cost 5 cents a quart (and the subway cost a nickel also).

We make more money now so we spend more now AND COLLECT MORE RENT!
It's all relative.

The real point is there were craftsmen and REAL architects around then not you bottom line Buzzards whose main objective is to maximize your (already obscene) profits by rent gouging tenants to the maximum allowable per square foot!

Sounds to me like you've (maybe?) got some relatives in the mob
(in addition to some faulty circuits) eh fella?

Anonymous said...

I think that guy with the frayed wiring is one of those
"Pratt" prattlers.

They're forever pimping
"the business"....making excuses for the ugly behemoths that have forever ruined the NYC skyline!

It kind of almost makes you wish that New York was located in an earthquake belt and that Providence would select to surgically remove some of the most offensive eyesores (without human collateral damage...of course).