Monday, June 9, 2008

Let the grandstanding begin!

To hear some of them tell it, the Council is already falling apart. Ambitious pols who know what they want to run for in November 2009 need to get noticed now - which may be why some of them have been using dry budget hearings to attack the Bloomberg administration.

"I've never seen grandstanding like I've seen in the last few weeks," said Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who is mulling a run for Queens Borough President. "The Council will resemble a herd of cats after July."

Why City Council is like 'a herd of cats'

They will spend their time raising money. They will spend time slapping backs at chicken dinners far outside of their Council districts. They will serve up outrage by the bucketful - and they won't waste their time with the drudge work of actually writing bills and getting them turned into law.

"Members who were normally respectful to commissioners suddenly started telling them they were awful," said lobbyist Walter McCaffrey, who was term-limited out of the Council in 2001. "In our last year, after we were done with the budget, it was like the sacking of Rome."


Taxpayer said...

How about a change to the term limits law?

Council members limited to two terms (no change).

Terms limited to 6 months of full time legislating each year. Pay reduced by half so that for the remaining 6 months, the Council Member must get a job, but, the job must be on a private payroll, in a business having no revenue from the city. No cars for Council Members. Subways are great, and, we're trying to reduce congestion and emissions. (How can we reduce emissions and yet keep elected officials? Oh, well, that's for another day.).

Upon completion of two terms, Council Member may not run for ANY City, State or federal office, or receive pay from ANY public funds for two more terms.

Who needs career parasites?

Let this apply to mayors, commissioners and judges

Anonymous said...

That picture -

Soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it, taxpayer!