Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's looking at Koo

[Peter] Koo, who owns five Star Side Pharmacies in the Flushing area, and previously worked as a pharmacist in the former Booth Memorial Hospital, accused Stavisky of landing her seat through "inheritance."

Stavisky was first elected to the Senate in November 1999 to serve out the term of her late husband, Leonard, who died while in office.

Stavisky has since won reelection in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Reubens conceded she has not faced a serious candidate since a Democratic primary in 2002 against former City Councilwoman Julia Harrison.

In the 2006 election, Stavisky got 36,134 votes, according to election results. Nine write-in candidates also got votes, including Felix the Cat and Joe Torre.

Koo said democracy demands that Stavisky be challenged.

"It's time to give voters a choice," he said.

Pharmacies owner Peter Koo eyes Toby Ann Stavisky's post in state Senate


Taxpayer said...

Go for it, Peter!

No incumbent should ever "campaign" without a serious opponent.

I hope you run, and I hope you win.

When you run again as an incumbent, I sincerely hope you also have a serious opponent, for no other reason then that competition improves the contenders.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Sorry Peter, but this is Queens: democracy and choice are not welcome. I bet the farm you will see the same insidious tactics in this election as the district 30 election. These are the trademarks of Parkside. Even will work even harder to protect his mama than he did for Elizabeth Crowley.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION Peter Koo, ATTENTION! Send a stooge, with a video recorder, to Stavisky's office and try to gain entry. In 20 years, no one I know has ever been alllowed in the Stavisky's (Leonard or Toby) office. Something's wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same "Koo"
connected to a local prostitution
(or whatever) scandal?

(Maybe I'm wrong....
please enlighten me).

Anonymous said...

A former Stavisky staffer once told me that each night all papers were locked up tight in a safe in their district office before they left.

Also, each time you spoke to Leonard, Toby was on the extension phone and vice versa!

what have they got to hide.

Queens Crapper said...

Is this the same "Koo"
connected to a local prostitution
(or whatever) scandal?

You posted this same comment the last time I put up a post about Koo. You know damn well his name was Peter KO, not Koo. You were told so last time. So knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, "Ko" not "Koo".
I was on vacation and missed that one "Crapper".

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Peter Koo on a successful campaign & victory in November 2008!

Lester Wolffe said...

You must all attend the Lester Wolffe Campaign School in order to achieve full comprehension of how things happen here in the homeland of the Vlusingaquot Indians and their wild parakeets.