Monday, June 16, 2008

Firetrap checklist

Checklist of problems with firetrap located at 66-76 69th Street, Middle Village:

Piece of Queens Crap? Check

No permits available online? Check

No Certificate of Occupancy available online? Check

Multiple plans submitted then withdrawn on attached properties? Check

Self-certification of attached properties? Check

Second means of egress apparently lacking? Check

All victims are minorities? Check

Building owned by a shady character who goes by 2 different names? Check

Owner was found guilty of fraud and lost his real estate license? Check

Buildings Department that looked the other way while all this went on? Check

Number of deaths yesterday that can be attributed to the development-at-any-cost philosophy of Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 3

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Anonymous said...


Taxpayer said...

Commissar Death: "Some must die so that others may profit".

Anonymous said...

Nero "fiddled while Rome burned.

Our imperial mayor and his DOB
"look the other way"
while humanity perishes in flames!

When does it all end ?

As a start...the proven failure
of the self certification systerm
must go at once!

Anonymous said...

Hum! Now, Chief D. O'Connor signed off on the C/O. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Check the address for 67-63 Metropolitan Avenue!!! New Buildings? No sign-offs since 2004 ??

Anonymous said...

Not a single politician showed up to decry this outrage.

Not a single advocate for affordable housing showed up to decry this outrage.

Not a single news reporter showed up to decry this outrage.

This is what happens in a community of minorities.

Anonymous said...

Demcratic Dictionary:

A Diverse Community: a community of substandard housing filled with throwaway people who have no vested interest in its long term success.

Taxpayer said...

"Not a single politician showed up to decry this outrage."

"Not a single advocate for affordable housing showed up to decry this outrage."

Not even Como? Not Como the newly elected Council Member for the 30th CD?

Now, Como needs to decry cheesy overdevelopment and then turn his overdeveloped house near Gallagher over to the survivors and the heirs of those killed by overdevelopment.

How 'bout that Como? Man enough?

St. Anger said...

Reminds me of the Happyland social club fire. One exit, blocked by fire and smoke.

Anonymous said...

When is Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Buildings going to realize that we have a huge problem on our hands. Illegal housing and overdevelopment is going to destroy this city.

Anonymous said...

DOB only does what he says.

Bloomie doesn't care because by the time New Yorkers see the full effects of his policies, he'll be six feet under.

We're already seeing a preview especially in Queens.

Anonymous said...

"Not a single politician showed up to decry this outrage"

Maybe councilman Como was too busy cutting deals with the Democrats and meeting with the Darkside Group.

Anonymous said...

I think the writer should check his facts. Although they may have been misfiled, It looks as though all the properties have there C.O.'s (they seem to be recorded under the neighboring building's record index, just compare the lot numbers for that properties multiple C.O.'s.) As it stands right now, a building with 2 family only requires 1 means of egress. You can't fault the D.O.B. for failing to enforcing a law that doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts. It was not a two family.

Anonymous said...

maspeth moms says...

what the DOB has in its records about a building, and how it used are most times two very seperate and distinct things.

Julie said...

"As it stands right now, a building with 2 family only requires 1 means of egress."

I guess you can have 5 stories of stores, but if you only have 2 families you don't need a second means of egress...

Anonymous said...

Sad, this could have been a cause celebre to get things moving on so many violations.

A week later, and sunk from sight.

What is wrong with this picture?