Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eaten alive

An elderly woman was carried out of her bedbug-infested Queens home by paramedics in isolation suits after she was found immobilized yesterday morning, fire officials said.

Injured Queens Woman Rescued From Bug-Infested Home

EMS paramedics who responded were required to wear full-body suits to prevent contamination when they removed her from her room in the Baxter Hotel, a single-room occupancy hotel at 160 Beach 116th St.


Anonymous said...

How about inspecting some of those
day workers dormitories in Astoria and Corona (i.e. 30 beds to a room) ...h-m-m-m ?

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Anonymous said...

Baxter's Hotel is run by Irish immigrant John Baxter, who arrived from County Cavan at age 17 in 1954. Baxter has run for City Council, is a fixture at community meetings and can be seen on local-access cable TV, where he often sings and plays guitar.

Anonymous said...

On the show and in plays and revues [Baxter] produces in the small theater on the Baxter's ground floor he skewers local politicians, whom he blames for letting the city turn the Rockaways into "the toilet of New York City."

The rooms at the Baxter are smaller than some elevators. The one visited recently had a ceiling and walls painted powder blue. There was a bald light bulb in a ceiling fixture, a dresser, a mini-refrigerator, an itchy bed with mismatched sheets and a television equipped with an antenna, not cable.

Air-conditioners are banned at the Baxter because its old electrical system could not support them, but with the door open, a salty breeze sweeps through the room and makes even sweltering days tolerable.

At night, the soundtrack is an overlay of arguments, children chanting, adults making love, a ballgame, talk radio, pop, rap, sitcom laugh-tracks and low-flying jets bound for Kennedy Airport. NYTimes

Baxter also maintains the Rockaway Park Playhouse on the ground floor, which periodically presents stage plays in which he himself acts.

faster340 said...

Let's scoop some of these up and drop them off at Mayor Bloomberg's pad!