Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bloomberg looking to overturn term limits

As the end of his term nears, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his senior advisers have been exploring strategies that would allow him to remain in political life, including undertaking a campaign to overturn the city’s term limits law or making a bid for governor, according to two people who have been briefed on the deliberations.

Bloomberg to Explore a Third Term or Albany Bid

Mr. Bloomberg, as part of that effort, commissioned a poll in recent weeks to determine whether city voters would be open to lifting the term limits law, which forces him and other elected city officials from office after two four-year terms.

The poll found that even as voters approved of his performance as mayor, they would strongly oppose any attempt to undo the limits. Voters were receptive to the idea of a Bloomberg candidacy for governor, however.


Anonymous said...

Shall we call it "democracy at its best?" Bloomberg = Bum!

Anonymous said...

Just what part of the word spelled n-o... NO... does this malevolent turtle faced mayor not understand?

NO means NO !

We DON'T WANT YOU for a third term!
You've f----d up NYC quite enough!

In this ball game it's

Good riddance !

And we hope the swinging door hits you square in the ass on your way out....hard enough so you get booted all the way back to Boston!!!

Anonymous said...


Taxpayer said...

What next?

Ten story tall bronze (gold) statues of our Dear Leader?

Posters of his turtle face covering the entire sides of all tall buildings?

A new law requiring that all New Yorkers name their children after the Commissar? And, that all must display photos and statues of His Permanence in prominent places in their homes?

Even all the piles of dogshit will be named after him: the affectionate nickname of Commashit.

Anonymous said...

Please don't! I have come to really loathe this Billionaire. Looks like I am not alone...

Anonymous said...

Know when you've outstayed your welcome. Have a nice life counting your billions or whatever it is you like to do.

NYC bids you farewell.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Gloomie already made his imprint on NYC with his Bloomberg Building, which I call an eyesore. Now he wants to overturn term limits, so he can stay in office forever. No way! Is this communism? Power to the people!

bloomberg sucks said...

He's a goddamn arrogant turtle-faced dictator.

Anonymous said...

To Mayor Bloomberg,


queensbee said...

Go away, mikey!

Nocke said...

stop the Bloomberg/Quinn powergrab. Sign the petition to keep the citizen generated terml imits law at