Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congestion pricing, round 2


June 11, 2008 -- A commission that is trying to find ways to fund the cash-strapped MTA will look to fare hikes, congestion pricing, and possibly new taxes, officials announced yesterday.

Gov. Paterson unveiled the 12 panel members who will try to steer the Metropolitan Transportation Authority away from financial ruin, and suggested it could revive some controversial proposals, including the congestion-pricing plan that died in the Legislature in April.

The commission will submit its report to Paterson in December.

State lawmakers are planning to grill MTA bosses today in a hearing over fears of more fare and toll hikes just months after the last increases went into effect.

"The reality is that a major fare increase is looming, even as we went through a similar increase last year," said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.

The MTA is facing massive shortfalls with swiftly rising costs and a worsening economy.


Anonymous said...

it's time to postpone the big capital projects, almost all of them, and focus on maintenance for the short and medium term.

Anonymous said...

All of you who opposed congestion pricing, don't start whining when the subway and bus fares rise now.

They really should put tolls on the bridges and charge higher rates during rush hours. It would be a modified version of congestion pricing and be much simpler to implement.

Taxpayer said...

"All of you who opposed congestion pricing, don't start whining when the subway and bus fares rise now."

News flash: MTA fates were going to increase with or without the congestion tax.

Apparently Anon # 2 is the rare believer in what Our Dear Leader says.

Or, more likely, Anon # 2 is a paid staffer for the Commissar?

Anonymous said...

What a spiteful little "Boston brat" our 5'7" really mayor is!

If he can't force through his congestion pricing scheme he'll push for a fare increase just to punish us all for not kissing his ass!

Either way he's out to f--k
us taxpayers be it in the ear or up our nostrils!

Anonymous said...

How do you encourage the use of public transportation ridership which was supposed to be the aim of CONGESTION PRICING PLAN if you hike the fares ?

Do we walk to work if we can no
longer afford either our cars or the hefty subway?

The MTA is forever crying poverty. For Christ's sake they've got a surplus of cash!

What a doofus poster #2 is!

No....Mayor Moron's real motive is to push the middle class out of NYC and open up more land for the development of luxury condos for his wealthy "classmates"!

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like the mayor's stooges are busy posting here once again.

Where do the ISP addresses originate from "Crapper"?

Anonymous said...

The MTA is too top heavy. Get rid of some of the big paying execs. They obviously are doing a poor job.

After they raise the will find some money that wasn't accounted for, as happened numerous times in the past.

Take some money out of their pockets instead of ours and watch how fast they find money.

Anonymous said...

The MTA is full of vice-presidents (at last count 350) who all make 7 figures and have several homes each in the Hamptons and commute each day to their primary residences in CT. Do you REALLY think they care about working class New Yorkers when they have to pay their illegal Mexican staffs to clean their pools and jacuzzis every day?

The MTA and Snot-Nosed Bloomberg are clueless. They are raping the city dry of it's greatest asset, NATIVE NEW YORKERS.