Sunday, May 18, 2008

What about the buried slaves and sailors?

Then (1999):

The remains of an unknown sailor were reinterred in an old graveyard at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Friday, setting the stage for formal preservation of the cemetery where black runaway slaves are believed to be buried.

In a five-minute ceremony, Lt. Cmdr. Aaron Jefferson, a Navy chaplain, and the Rev. Lawrence Lucas, a Catholic clergyman, said prayers over a cream-colored marble urn containing the remains before the urn was placed in a freshly dug grave three feet deep.

"Our task is not a grievous one but one of pride and honor," said Jefferson



Hospital buildings and an overgrown cemetery that once held 1,500 bodies await transformation into a 20-acre "media campus" focused on entertainment, TV and graduate educational programs.

More here: Brooklyn Navy Yard Gets Makeover


Anonymous said...

Way to go to stop over development...
buried African slaves !
Hoo, hah!

It worked in Manhattan.
Now let's see if it can work in Brooklyn.

Watch your ass bub
or the "bogeyman's" gonna get you!

Out of great respect we didn't use the original racist "B" word).

Anonymous said...

Those who planned this will burn in Hell for all eternity.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry,
when its time for these scoundrels'
to take a "dirt nap",
some development company
might dig up their mortal remains
to build a shopping mall
on top of their former burial plots.

Maybe they'll just
leave the bodies where they are
beneath the concrete foundation slab.

Now that's a good plot
for a Stephan King story.

What goes around comes around
you miserable excuses for humanity!

Anonymous said...

These bastards
have no respect for the living,
let alone the honored dead!