Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weiner the hypocrite

“We should get rid of earmarks altogether, get rid of these member items altogether,” Mr. Weiner said last week, saying such a move would “restore public confidence” in government.

Of course, as a congressman, Mr. Weiner has his own earmarked funds to spread around his district — and he has shown a willingness to do so.

Mayoral Hopeful, an Earmark Critic, Has His Own

In recent years, Mr. Weiner has sponsored at least 40 earmarks, including appropriations of roughly $235,000 to fight beach erosion in the Rockaways and $3.7 million to restore a salt marsh in Brooklyn. The congressman has also directed nearly $450,000 to Agudath Israel, a national Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization that plays a significant role in city elections.

The total amount of money Mr. Weiner has secured is difficult to tally because until a rule change last year, members were not required to attach their names to such line items. But for this fiscal year alone, Mr. Weiner, a Democrat who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens, has delivered about $8.6 million in federal funds for 15 projects in his district. One of them was a multimillion-dollar initiative that landed on a watchdog group’s list of suspect government spending.


Anonymous said...

It would be ridiculous for him to refuse to participate when all of the others are doing it.

His constituents would only suffer.

I support his effort to eliminate this practice.

I fail to see any hypocrisy here. here.

Anonymous said...

All this jerk does is hold press conferences about problems tht government has not fixed.

Dummy Weiner you are the government and we elect you to fix problems. You sound like an announcer on the field. Dummy Weiner you are playing stop announcing.

Taxpayer said...

Want to get rid of earmarks?

Get rid of Weiner!