Monday, May 5, 2008

A visit to Broadway-Flushing

I visited awhile ago, but I believe these are all along the same street in Broadway-Flushing area.It's like a journey back in time...
So quaint you forget you're in Queens...
A serene scene of falling water...
These houses are all unique and all great.
So many different styles.
There's the daring...
and the traditional, all in complete harmony.
But then nestled among them, there's this:


Anonymous said...

That house is disgusting!

ken said...

waterfall on the front lawn. Cool!
(No comment about the last "home.")

Queens Crapper said...

Frank Lloyd Crap does tend to leave one speechless!

ken said...

F.L.C. is okay, though.
Always puts me mirthful spirits.
Sure need that with these boxy barracks in the backdrops.

Taxpayer said...

What beauty!

To think that not too long ago there were developers with taste and imagination and an appreciation for lasting beauty.

And what do we have today? Tasteless, ignorant morons.

Oh! That describes the developers so beloved by Bloomberg. And the Commissar himself.

Panzer65 said...

These homes are all beautiful, and should be preserved. All you must do is keep the greedy foreigners away from them.

Anonymous said...

Flat roofed houses are forbidden in the Rickert Finlay deed restrictions which cover the area.

The owner
will be facing his day in court!

resident said...

If the LPC had held up its end,
instead of jerking us all off,
we would have already had
a municipal historic district
in place by now.

Broadway/Flushing has been a
national historic district
for over a year and a half now.

Wattsa matta Mary Beth Betts?

Doesn't it "meet your criteria"?

Funny how it already meets federal & state criteria!

Oh.....maybe you're just following
Der Mayor's orders!

Anonymous said...

"The bunker"
(complete with helicopter
landing pad...ha, ha)
replaced a home which included
plasterwork installed by its original owner (Bill Grimm) who had done work in the cathedral of the motion picture....
the famous ROXY theater.

Alas, it too was torn down as you all well know!

Anonymous said...

I understand that all
the research and photos are already done for the creation of a
municipal landmark district
and are currently in the possession of the LPC.

So why are they stonewalling our district? !!!

We can only assume that
Mayor Bloomberg is not in favor of a Broadway/Flushing historic district.

Boy, is that new rep from the CAU
gonna get an earful at our next
general meeting of the BFHA!