Saturday, May 17, 2008

Turf can cause heat stroke

Artificial turf in city parks may cause heatstroke, but the controversial chemicals in the turf won't harm you, according to a preliminary Health Department report obtained by the Daily News.

The $100,000 study determined "a health risk was not identified" among the chemicals used in the turf, but there is the potential for problems "associated with heat stress and dehydration."

The report highlights a study done that found artificial turf at the University of Missouri hit 173 degrees on a 98-degree day while a nearby grass field hovered at 105 degrees.

To address possible overheating of players at city parks, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe has started to install water "misters" near benches at fields.

The Health Department recommended the Parks Department alert staff and parents about the heat-related dangers from playing on the "crumb rubber infill" turf but stopped short of ordering the city to stop using the material.


Anonymous said...

I like how in Adrian's mind field temps that can singe are not considered to be a problem!

Taxpayer said...

Looks like Benepe and the Health Department, under the keen management of the Commissar have suffered addled brains from the heatstroke delivered by this "not unhealthy" turf.