Friday, May 9, 2008

Statue theft leads to hate crime allegations

Democratic Queens Councilman James Gennaro joined religious leaders Thursday to call for a thorough investigation into the theft of a sacred statue from the San Lorenzo Ruiz Spiritual Center in Jamaica.

Queens Leaders Denounce Vandalism of Religious Statue

The bronze sculpture depicted the first Filipino Catholic martyr -- for whom the center is named.

Officials with the NYPD Hate Crime Unit said vandals somehow chopped off the statue at the ankles Monday and stole the top half.

Call off the Hate Crime Unit because I think I can solve this one. It was a bronze statue. It's being melted down right now along with the bells from St. Mary's, St. Saviour's and St. John's. This has been going on for decades and is currently at an epidemic level. So let's knock off the ethnic pandering hate crime B.S. already. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Look, you get no points reminding everyone that low life tweeded are fly into this borough like vermin to crap, which is one of the reasons Queens is going downhill. By stating the obvious you only engender anger and make yet another reminder as to how you are destroying Queens.

But, if you call something a Hate Crime you can tweed, get headlines in the mindless Queens weeklies, and get votes.

Do something intelligent or do something smart?

These are the things that seperate a politician from the rest of the pack.

Anonymous said...

if the head of the statue had been chopped off and left on the floor "that" would have been a hate crime.

Eric Arthur Blair said...

The ultimate irony about this whole story will be when they find the perpetrators, and they will most likely be:

1.) Filipino Catholics
2.) Latino Catholics
3.) Members of the "religion of peace"

And they will still try to pin the blame on "Whitey" somehow! - e.g. Whitey's oppression forced these saintly immigrants into stealing statues for the scrap content, since whitey won't hire these nuclear physicists....

Do they really still think Queens is overflowing with racist "Archie Bunker types" driving around in their pickup trucks with a gun rack in the back and a Confederate flag looking for statues of Filipino saints to steal?

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Diversity is Strength!!!

-Joe said...

What a racist, bigoted, hutful & intolerant statement to make :) :)

I have a Pickup with a gun rack, CB and flag !
I also have a photo of Nixon and Albert Einstein and at my bar !
....Us NIMBY "Archie Bunkers" must all be on Long Island now.

BTW: Archie Bunker drove a cab, was Presbyterian and I think diversity is sh*t


Anonymous said...

Now wouldn't it be ironic
if the thieves were illegal Latinos?

So the bronze foundry's "melting pot" (heh, heh, heh....pun intended)
claims another load along with
pounds of ripped out copper plumbing from unoccupied buildings!

Remember when some vandals stole aluminum railings from FMCP a few years back for their scrap metal value?

Anonymous said...

FMCP....I remember that!
Some 3rd world bums tried to scale the NYS Pavilions lower observation deck collum for copper (Was private Bar and bathroom up there for dignitary’s) and couldn’t get back down.
There was also no copper used just cheap iron pipe the structure was meant a temparary.

Anonymous said...

"I also have a photo of Nixon and Albert Einstein and at my bar !"

So basically, Joe, your confessing to an antisemetic hate crime, when taking other comments you've posted on this blog into account. One day some customer is gonna walk into your bar and instead of giggling along with you at the photos they're going to bash your head in you ignorant, racist asshole. :) :)

Queens Crapper said...

Semetic interaction (from Greek: semeion = sign, etos= habit) refers to the tendency of living systems to make signs based on any persistent regularity: Wherever there has developed a habit there will also exist an organism for whom this habit has become a sign.

Joe, are you against this? Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

We've already slipped to 2nd world status in the US of A.
(Our dollar is already at 1/2 price).

While some 3rd world nations are
climbing up the ladder, I'm afraid we're headed towards 3rd (and I,m
not talking about baseball)!

Experts seem to be concluding that this DEFINITELY WON'T be an American century!

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm none too intelligent, either, but at least I don't go around filled with hate, for no god given reason.