Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shulman’s Shame

Dear Editor:

Amazingly, Claire Shulman stands at City Hall and says “Willets Point is blighted.” Ask her why she ignored a 1991 study that she commissioned, which concluded: “the best way to revitalize the area, would be to furnish the infrastructure and environmental remediation it deserves ... and that the area would re-invent itself.”

She ignored that report and will not discuss it, although she may have to in the future, quite possibly in court. She and Community Board 7’s inaction for 20 years has caused Willets Point to remain unsightly. And now, with her new found ally in Mayor Michael Bloomberg, she ignores her injustice and views herself as a savior of Queens. It is comical and demonstrates the gargantuan egos these people have.

Thomas Mina


jerry rotondi said...

She's been a treacherous, lying,
clubhouse pol
since the days she spent as Donald Manes' stooge!

Imagine the chutzpah
of her denying receiving over 3,500 petition signatures in 1987 requesting her support for
the landmark designation of the
whole interior of the historic RKO Keith's Flushing theater!

Those signed petitions were sent
to Borough President Shulman's office by certified mail
with a return receipt requested!

Therefore little can be expected from a deceitful Manes "protege"
with regards to honesty
in her Willets Point dealings!

Anonymous said...

CB#7 is another pack of corrupt,
lazy bastards who'd sell out their community in a N.Y. heartbeat!

They've done everything to support over development for the benefit of private interests!

From Regina Coletta to Marylin Bitterman, it has gone from the frying pan into the fire!

Is it true that M.B. earns
between $70,000 and $95,0000 a year
as district manager?

That's a lot of green for a patronage job!

Anonymous said...


KG2V said...

What does she care. Ok Trivia. Who was the last NON Demcrat who was Queens BP?...




Yep - there has never been one! Talk about "Machine politics"

Anonymous said...

True dat, "kg2v"!

The Dem/clubhouse has maintained its boro prez monarchy in Queens since its very beginnings!

Too damn f----g bad....
no competition makes for general corruption and election rigging!

Taxpayer said...

The key phrase is: "NEGLECT OF DUTY".

Another key phrase is: Summary Judicial Inquiry - Section 1109 of the NYC Charter.

Combine those with 5 citizen taxpayers petitioning the court for a Summary Judicial Inquiry.

Bingo! Out of the pot jumps a public record of facts regarding the years of deliberate neglect of Willits Point's infrastructure for the purpose of taking the land and gifting it to favored developers.

Is that due to the kind-hearted generosity of the officials towards developers? No. It has been (and continues to be) due to developers' money gifts to city officials rather than to conduct fair and open business with the property owners.

Once again, look to Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe for what eminent domain is all about.

The city officials took those lessons seriously. We should, too.