Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quinn ouster gaining momentum

Some City Council members are so angry at the fallout from the phantom-funds mess that they're discussing the possible ouster of Speaker Christine Quinn, The Post has learned.


"There's an awful lot of dissension," one council member said.

The legislator said a meeting of the council's Black and Latino Caucus Wednesday turned into "as close to a revolution as could be."

Many minority legislators feel they're being singled out for scrutiny, since they've been at the center of virtually all the stories about irregularities in the allocation of grants to nonprofit groups.

And it looks like the Doorman is also out for blood:

In an effort to eliminate budget allocations to "phantom groups," Councilman Eric Gioia plans to request legislation this week to force the speaker and her staff to vet the budget and affirm that "to their knowledge, it's truthful."

"Obviously, I can't expect the speaker to know if $2,000 to a Queens group is being misappropriated," said Gioia, who like Quinn is a Democrat. "But I can expect that when I am asked to sign it, that it's a truthful, honest document."

The idea is based on the federal Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which forces publicly held companies to certify their finances.



Anonymous said...

Tony Avella for city council leader! Let's make a clean sweep. What a disappointment.

Taxpayer said...

What's to discuss?

She a crook.

Dump her.

Charles Barron said...

Clean up your damn mess, Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

not too long ago she fashioned herself the #1 candidate to replace doucheberg

good riddance to this windbag crook

or who knows maybe she will still run with pinky as her 2nd in command

Anonymous said...

Quinn needs to be "outed"
from her job!

What she does in the "closet" afterwards is her own business!