Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Queens trees are most valuable

Maybe if a developer was fined $52,830 every time he damaged a tree, we'd keep more trees around.

Graphic from NYC Parks Department


Anonymous said...

That number seems silly. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

The City just finished "trimming"
all the curb trees on my block
(and in the area).

After they hacked off a nearly a quarter of each tree from the bottom,the remaining sprigs
left on top resemble
Charlie Brown's forlorn little X-mas tree!

Hey, but "Asplundt Tree Experts" (experts???) has had the lucrative city contracts for years ?

I think that Paul Bunyon
is their boss!

Julie said...

Why does that number seem silly? They broke down where the value is coming from.

Anonymous said...

They eliminated over a dozen mature trees to build the Saint John's Henley Road dorms in Jamaica Estates.

governor pontius pilate said...

I would have fashioned them into some crosses and crucified St. John's president and fellow butt kissers!