Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Queens state reps bringing home the bacon

From the Daily News:

Top 10 State Senate porkers -

8) Sen. Serphin Maltese, $2.441 million (of Queens, the Democrats' top priority to oust).

9) Sen. Frank Padavan, $2.438 million (also from Queens, also in the crosshairs).

And in the Assembly:

6) Cathy Nolan, $840,000.


Anonymous said...

How will the democrats replace that money?

Anonymous said...

By working out deals and trading in favors, just like the current crop does.

Anonymous said...

Nolan stackes up pretty good actually, there ar 62 state senators and 150 assembly members, as I understand the pork is divided 50/50 between the bodies, therefore on a per capita she's #1 in NYS