Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pinky lied about concern for staff

Back on March 20th, the Daily News reported that then-Councilman Dennis Gallagher asked to delay his resignation for a month in order to help his staff out:

"It could've been an immediate resignation, but he suggested 30 days," the law enforcement source said, noting that Gallagher said he didn't want to leave his staffers without a job.

"That's why he was given the 30 days, so his staff can make whatever accommodations they have to," the source added.

But take a look at the NYC Council's website and you'll notice that his staff is still very much employed. It's only Gallagher who isn't right now.


-Joe said...

This guys the same dope smoking, drinking, crook weasle, bum he was in CTK Highschool.
I would laugh if sombody threw him a good beating.

Do not underestimate this natural born delinquent. There is a reason Pinky managed to hoodwink people and stay out of jail for so long.
Its his natural talent, I keep an eye on his staff as well BTW

Taxpayer said...

There's a story that Gallagher is either opening a biker bar or applying to be a girlie-boy dancer for the patrons who are so drunk they won't know the difference.

He couldn't qualify for Bubba love, so this will do until his next rape.

I'm truly surprised he lied about his staff. Usually, his word is as good as can be expected from his type.

Anonymous said...

If you are talking about that biker bar on Metro, that is a fake ad brought to you by the Queens Republican party. It's being floated around to make Anthony Como look like a hero for stopping it. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by his old office on Monday and there were only 2 people working in the office. They said they were the only 2 allowed to still work in the office according to the powers that be in city hall and that the city has sent over an administrator to run the office.

Anonymous said...

Bet when they got there every piece of paper had been shredded.
Hard drives missing too?