Sunday, May 18, 2008

Parks' poor pool planning

The Flushing Meadows pool opened in early March but was immediately the subject of numerous complaints about scheduling, lack of drainage and for having no places to hang a towel.

The Parks Department has subsequently made improvements and the remaining problems are currently being addressed.

Dorothy Lewandowski, Parks Department Queens commissioner, reported that her agency had ordered corrugated plastic floor coverings for the women’s changing rooms.

She didn’t comment on the absence of drainage.

However, a Parks Department spokeswoman, Trish Bertuccio, said lack of drainage was an error in construction, and that plans are in the works to fix it. “But this will take much longer than getting matting on the floor,” she said, adding that other departments are involved, and that the process is in the bureaucratic pipeline. “We’re working with the contractor. It’s working its way through the bureaucracy, but there is a lot of stuff involved.”

Parks Department Aims To Improve Pool Problems

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This is the one thing I thought she got right.