Friday, May 2, 2008

Parking placards reduced

The Police Department gave up about 20,000 of the city’s coveted parking placards. The Fire Department lost more than 2,000. The mayor’s office gave up 163.

New York, True to Mayor’s Promise, Slashes City Parking Permits

Those were some of the most striking numbers in a long-awaited inventory that the city released on Wednesday, showing that it has reduced the number of free-parking placards distributed to law enforcement agencies and other city departments by nearly a third. The permits give city employees free street parking privileges at their workplace or around the city while on official business.

1 comment:

Taxpayer said...

How does anyone know if even a single placard has been taken away?

Casual lying is a trademark of the Commissar.

He simply cannot prove; he cannot demonstrate that any change has occurred.